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Xbox One Error Code 0x87dd0004 : Unable to Sign in

If you are a video game lover, then there is a possibility that you have an Xbox One gaming console. Usually, this product is hardly showing any glitches even if it s facing any issue. But, at the end of the day, it is also an electronic device, and it may show some errors which are not easy to fix. Xbox One Error code 0x87dd0004 is also the same kind of issue. This issue is majorly coming when Xbox is facing any kind of account related error. Here, in this post, we will discuss the reasons and the consequences of Xbox code 0x87dd0004.

Reason of Xbox one error code 0x87dd0004

In this section, we will discuss the significant and most commonly observed causes of this error faced by many users. Understanding causes is crucial because only they can give us the proper resolution. Let’s see the primary reasons for the error 0x87dd0004:

  • This issue may arise if your hard disk memory is full and there is no sufficient space for anything
  • If the device is not getting proper internet connection or you are getting the slow speed of the internet, then this issue may come
  • Sometimes, if the user is trying to download an Xbox console content then this Xbox code 0x87dd0004 may arise
  • You may have this error in case the Video adapter drivers are not compatible with your device
  • This may also cause if the device or system drivers are not consistent or damaged.

So in the above paragraph, we learned the primary reasons for appearing the error code 0x87dd0004. Now, we will discuss the consequences, or you can say symptoms of this error so that we can identify a proper solution to rectify it.

Consequences of Xbox one error code 0x87dd0004

If your device is facing this error, then you will notice some changes. Look at these changes to observe the issue completely:

  • You may notice that some programs may be locked up and you are not able to open or access those games and programs
  • You may also notice that the console started performing slow and it started freezing or hanging
  • You will also get system failure issue abruptly
  • You will also face an issue while installing any new game
  • You can also get problems while startup and shutting down the programs.

Now, we have already discussed the reasons and consequences of this issue. Now, keeping this in mind, let’s talk what could be the methods to rectify this issue.

  1. Ensure proper internet connectivity to Fix Code 0x87dd0004


If the internet connection is slow or your device is not connected with the internet, then there is a big chance that this error will appear. In that case, you have to reboot the router and check the internet connectivity with the console. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Switch off the router by pressing the power butt a little long given in the backside of the router
  • Plug out the power cable from the socket
  • Plug out the Lan wire as well. Give it some time and wait for some minutes
  • Plugin the ethernet of Lan wire and plug in the router power cable in the wall socket back
  • Switch on the router and check the Network LED
  • If the router is connected to the router, then try to check the network connectivity in Xbox one console.
  • Now, turn on the Xbox n console by pressing the X button for a little longer and see if the green color light is coming or not. Also, check the green light. Greenlight depicts that Xbox Live is in serviceable status because if the green light is not coming, it will not work no matter if the device is connected with the internet.
  • In the end, try to access your Xbox One console to check if the issue is resolved or not.
  1. Verification of security information to Fix Error 0x87dd0004

If your Xbox security information is not set accurately, this may cause Xbox one error code 0x87dd0004. And it is evident that if you have to fix this issue, then you have to verify this security information and make it correct. To check the security information, follow the steps:

  • Use your Microsoft account to sign in the PC
  • Open windows settings
  • Now, select Update and security option
  • A page will open, here click on Security and privacy option
  • Click on More security option given on the right pane
  • A new page will open with all the Microsoft security option
  • Select the Payment and Billing option
  • Select Billing info
  • Now, locate and choose edit Profile option
  • Check all the account related information if there is any wrong info make it correct and update billing info as well
  • Sign out from Microsoft account
  • Finally, sign in to the Xbox Live on the console to check if the error is gone or not.
  1. Delete the corrupt one console live profile to resolve Xbox One Error Code 0x87dd0004
  • Launch the Guide page by pressing X button given on controller
  • Go to the Settings option to open
  • Now click on All Settings option
  • A new page will open navigate Account option and click on it
  • Now locate and tap on the Remove Account button. One pressed the remove button a list of all the accounts will open
  • Choose the account you want to delete and press the Remove button to delete the account
  1. Make a new Xbox Live account to resolve  Error Code

  • Start the device by pressing the Power button
  • Once you are on the Home screen launch the sidebar by moving the left analog stick
  • Highlight the Sign-in button
  • Tap A button given on the controller to open the user menu
  • Check-in left and selected Add new button by tapping A button
  • To choose the Option tap B and move to the bottom of the screen and highlight “Get a new account” and press A button again
  • Put all the credentials and press A and then press 3 vertical dots to save
  • Press Next tab and press A button again
  • Input phone number and press 3 vertical dots to save
  • Now, in the end, choose “I accept” and tap A button to create a new profile.
  1. Look after the service status of Xbox live console to resolve Xbox One Error Code 0x87dd0004

If the service status of the device is not functional, and then also it may show the same error. In this case, it is suggested to wait patiently until the service status is not functional and active, and it started running correctly. Because there is nothing you can do if the status is not serviceable. And the best way to check the service status of the device is the green light. If the green light is on, it means it is serviceable and vice versa.


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