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Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

When you are using a conventional operating system or windows computer, we have an operating system that is already loaded, or we have to do it ourselves. But when you have a DOS operating system, the retailer is the people who load the operating system on the computer an in almost all cases we used to have a preloaded operating system. Once you have a dedicated operating system downloaded you will automatically get the updates free from the Windows Store and Other servers of Microsoft when you have genuine key installed on your operating system. But sometimes your windows license will expire soon message keeps popping up. This is annoying but you will be able to fix this issue by applying one of our solutions.

Error: Windows license Will Expire Soon

AS one has a Windows Operating system preinstalled and is left with the option to update. These updates are rigorously available online for free and sometimes can lead to installing unwanted updates. In case a user comes across the error of windows Licence expiry error, one can change the license in the setting and verify the right license is installed. Sometimes corrupt installed files and system configuration in Windows 10 can be a significant problem associated with the error in Windows Licence.

As the process follow if the updates are not correctly installed. This can lead to an automatic system reboots in a few hours and can be hectic sometimes. The primary concern is the reason behind all this happening on the computer with appropriate windows key and updates already installed.

The primary element behind the issue is the updates can be new updates. The basic windows updates are already installed. So, the windows constantly would be looking for further updates. Below are some possible ways that can be followed to fix this problem.

Usually, the registry and DLL errors can be the element that caused the Windows License problem. Below are some of the fixes which can be implemented

Part 1: Uninstall and Reinitiate the windows explorer.

Part 2: Update the policy for the group.

3: Find and unable the services

Part 4: identify the product key through CMD

Part 5: Update Registry Values which are relevant

Using the task manager, one can restate the Windows Explore for a temporary Fix.

Ways to Fix Windows license will expire soon:

Go through the required instruction to get rid of the error in a few minutes:

Step 1: Press the relevant required keys like the keys “Ctrl+Alt+Del” together and choose the tab using the Task Manager.

Step No. 2: Go to the option of “Windows Explorer” and close the same all together by click on the End Task option.

Step 3: Go to “File” and select the “Run New Task” option, and you go through Task Files.

Step 4: Press on the option “OK.

Type the command “explorer.exe” iRun Box to open the element and press“OK”. And as you get Windows interface again. As you finish running the command in CMD, press WINDOWS and X key. You will get the menu option and choose CMD from there.

To shut down, we can try commands “slmgr – rearm” or “slmgr – upk” alternatively.

Update the Policy for the Group

The group policy updation can be a prominent fix. Do find the prominent possible ways that can fix the problem of “Windows license will expire soon. “

Go through the required instruction to get rid of the error in a few minutes:

  1. Go to the Run window and type “gpedit.msc.”
  2. As you have access to the windows update, check the policy editor for the group. Through windows update and content, update the editor through administrator templates.
  3. Once has no choose no auto-restart for logged in user. One has to double click on it to select the option.
  4. Then click on apply settings to update the options as a prominent option.

Disable Un-Wanted Services

We can use this method if you still are getting error as “your Windows license will expire soon.” It’s a different method that can be used to get rid of the error and is an amazing solution.

Below are some essential ways that can be followed to fix this error.

Step 1: Go to the option of “services.msc” through the RUN windows by click on the two keys R and Windows Flag on your keyboard.

Step No. 2: We have to locate the “Windows License Manager Service.” Once you see the option, we have to double click on the same and then tap on service to stop the same.

Step 3: Shut down the services linked to the “Startup type.” As you go through the update services, we have to click on startup type and disable that service. With this, the problem will be fixed. If you are still facing the problem, we have to reverse this process

Detect the Product key by CMD


The error “Windows license will expire soon” can be a real threat to the computer. So, a prominent fix and urgent resolution is essential. So if you have a product key handy, use the same in CMD and the issue will be resolved.

  1. Open CMD as an administrator and type commands “wmic and try to get an original license key.
  2. Locate the key and save it on some documents for reference.
  3. After the key is entered successfully, click on the Update & security option.
  4. Click on activate and then tap on OK option and then Next.

Change the REGEDIT with the right keys

With the REGEDIT option in windows using the RUN window, the prominent entries will pop up. Update the required registry entries with the correct values.

  1. Go to the Run window and type “regedit.”
  2. Once you see “-regedit” window go the windows option of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  3. Locate the software of windows for which the changes are required.
  4. Update the appropriate option with the product key that is available.
  5. This option has to be done under the supervision of a prominent technician.
  6. All values used have to be summated in binary values
  7. Once you update the registry, close the REGEDIT window.
  8. Then click on Restart option available next to shut-down near the windows logo and restart your device and see the problem is fixed or not.



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