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Windows Defender WON’T SCAN | Not Turning On Solution

Windows Defender is a crucial component of the windows and is the primary and only components available for the security of the computer. If you can’t perform the quick scan, the problem maybe because of the software’s corruption. It may be a case with your system files getting corrupted, which may cause Windows Defender WON’T SCAN to appear. However, there are many tools that one can use to perform the fix like the SFC scan or the DISM scan.

It has been recently noted that the users face a lot of issues linked to the scanning by Windows Defender and thus won’t perform the Quick San or Full Scan.
This issue is directly linked to Windows Users and mostly impact the large number of users who operate on the Windows system.

The reason behind the Windows Defender can’t Scan:-

There may be a reason linked to the complete scenario of the inability in Windows Defender to check and identify the malware and viruses. There may be a lot of reasons which impact the issue. Some of the significant reasons are below that you can link to Windows Defender Scan:
1. Unwanted Thirds Party Security Software.
2. Setting your power configuration.
3. Corrupted User Account.
4. File Corruption.

Resume Windows Defender Scan:-

To fix the issue, you must restart the computer once and see if that helps to fix the problem of scanning with Windows Defender. However, you may face the issue even after restarting the computer, so it necessary that you follow some critical steps which can fix the problem. Below are some of the steps that one can follow to get the required fix.

Method 1: Unwanted Third-Party Security Software:

When you are trying to fix this problem by removing the software immediately, that won’t be enough. You will require downloading and running the related removal programs and remove any residual elements that you leave behind. In that case, you can install a removal tool that will help you remove the traces left behind, causing the problem. Numerous security programs that you can link with the same work that defender do on your computer, such as antivirus, antimalware, and firewall program. For example, when you have any third-party applications which can conflict with the other security software, you can immediately remove them. There are multiple causes for the services of Windows Defender not working as you try to start Windows Defender.

Usually, the solution is not as difficult as you just have to configure Windows Defender services.

1. Go to “RUN” and press the keys “Windows LOGO and R.”
2. The Run Box type “services.msc” and then hit enter.
3. You can scroll down the list of services manager and choose defender service while double click on the properties.
4. Go to the drop-down and type Start-up and then click Automatic setting and hit Apply.
5. Close the service manager as we start the computer.

  • One can click on the two keys on your keyboard, which are Windows Key and X key.
  • Go to then control and choose the application programs and then select the Programs and Features.
  • One can try to locate the third party antivirus and try to uninstall it from the list of options in the control panel.
  • You can restart the computer, and as the computer turns on, you can restart the Windows Defender security software.
  • If you still are getting the error which is found because of the antivirus isn’t completely removed. We would have to all unwanted files, folder, or the Registry elements. One can also use the widely used software known as REVO Uninstaller, which can remove all unwanted software and is an essential tool that you can easily find on the Microsoft Community.

Restart the computer and reboot to reset the application:

Method 2: Setting your power configuration:

There may be cases when the problem is because of the setting of the power in the device, and in this case, you need to identify the below steps to change the power setting on the device.

1. You need to click on the two keys on the keyboard: “Windows Key and S” Key. Once you have the search bar open on your device, you can type the option power settings. Choose the “Power and Sleep” Settings from the list.
2. As you get the settings option, you need to click on the option of additional power settings and then choose the “related setting” category.
3. You need to find the exiting power plan and select the option of change plan in the option available on the left side of the list.
4. You can get the setting and choose “Turn Off the display.” You can select the option NEVER for the option selected, “put the computer to sleep,” and click on the save changes.

Method 3: Identify the List of Exclusion:

The problem linked to the computer windows defender to scan is to link the exclusion of the list that has to correlate. If this is the problem, one would have to identify the exclusion list by following the steps below:

1. Go to the stings app and press the two keys simultaneously, which is “Windows Key and I” Key. As it opens, go to the update and security and choose windows security.
2. As you see, the right pane finds the option for the Windows Defender Security Center and chooses Virus and Threat Protection.
3. As you locate the system drive, you can remove it. This exclusion can be in use to remove the error as well.

Method 4: System Restore:

If the above solutions are not functioning, then you are left with the option to do System Restore on your System. Below are some prominent steps that one has to follow to fix the problem:

1. Click on the keys “Windows+S” together and type the System restore within the search option. Go to the Restore point and then choose the system properties as you get the option on your screen. Choose the System Restore Button.
2. As the system restore needs to implement. You can choose the Next option, You will also get the options sometimes, which show as “More restore points.” One can select the restore point as per the wish and then hit next; you implement the process.
3. One can follow the onscreen instruction you will be able to implement the restoration point successfully.

Method 5: Generate the New User Account:

There may be a reason that the problem with the damaged account can be one problem with the software facing an issue of Windows Defender won’t work. It may be a case as you log-in to the user account may be in and stage of corruption. This will be creating the issues of the defender on your System, creating an error Windows Defender won’t work, which may occur on your System. In such scenarios, it is highly recommended to create a new user account which can fix the issue. The method to create the new user account is found below.

1. You can access the setting by going through the windows icon on the left corner of your computer. With the setting option open, you can choose the tab account and choose the sub-option family and other on the left side of the panel.

2. As you scroll the list of the option, you will get to choose the option “ADD SOMEONE ELSE TO PC.” You can click on add the person and select the option that you can’t access the person’s sign-in information and then follow the step with the choice option NEXT.

  • With the option for the email and the phone number, one can add the valid details with which the user can access the account latter and create an account without being a Microsoft user account option.
  • After this, the user can put the User Name and the Password that he wants to use in the respective fields. With this, the user can access the account in the latter case.


There may be cases when you miss the update on the computer, and this may be because your Windows Defender services stopped updating on your computer. The problem is linked explicitly to major updates that have been available out on the internet and are creating a problem with the security software. One can go to the setting, and with that, you can update the option of “Update and Security.” You can check for the updates, and the Windows Defender will get the new updates.