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Microsoft Virus Alert – This Computer Is Blocked

The Virus Alert that may pop up on your Microsoft Windows is because of the tech scams from different supports across the internet; however, most are not the same. There are possibilities of the scan detects some unwanted things that one can remove and make sure this won’t occur again. It is s browser detected error that can occur on the Windows computer system, which can trick people thinking this as Microsoft has blocked them from accessing the other applications on their Windows Device. Usually, you get to see a phone number on the screen for help, which can be a problem for most of the users using the Microsoft Windows Computer. Usually, people end up calling their phone numbers and end up getting scammed.

Virus Alert – Microsoft This Computer Is Blocked:

The alert from Microsoft as the Virus Attack pop-ups is because of the social attacks that can create an engineering effect. With this, the browser is automatically switched to the full screen and displays a pop-up message which is stuck on the browser. These are the fake messages that will pop up and trick the user into calling a technical support number, which can be false and trick you into the scam. Then you call the number, and if it is a scammer on the hotline, they will offer you a fake solution. They will take you to the option where the user has to pay the fee for the subscription or the onetime charge to fix the problem, which ideally is generated by the support team itself and can create more difficulty with the computer and can lead to a significant loss.

These alerts that we get from the Microsoft is nothing but a scam. You, as a user, should not call on the numbers on the pop-ups. Microsoft error messages won’t include a phone number.

As a whole, Microsoft doesn’t send these kinds of unsolicited messages with phone numbers and won’t request you to call them or ask for their financial information for the matter of fact. A user has to be skeptical while dealing with these phone calls and pop-ups and not provide any personal information while dealing with such pop-ups.


In most cases, the redirection to the site where you end up getting the error for “Virus Alert from Microsoft.” These error messages are because of the fake websites that can cause redirection or some adware that links to the browser. We are discussing this topic to help users remove unwanted malware from there device. When we are just trying to block the “alert from the Microsoft for the virus” on the browser because of the redirect, you can use the ADBLOCK on the browser, which can protect you from unwanted redirection.

In case we are linking the problem to the adware, it is usually associated with the other free software that users download on the computer from the internet. In most cases, when this software is downloaded, they don’t disclose that other software’s linked will also be installed without any information to the user, so it highly recommended not installing this software or being cautious while downloading software from an untrusted source.

The “VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT” is a trick to link the user into thinking that either this is an infection from the virus or the computer has crashed. It is a trick to scare the user or the user to call the number listed for the support. In the end, the users usually come across the technical support people who are trying to upsell the help of contract or services Virus alert from “Microsoft This Computer Is Blocked” is a fake message where the scammers will try to take control of your computer and will try to trick you confidentially use the utilities built in the windows and other third party software and take you to purchase the unwanted support so that you pay them using your credit card account information and some cases these scammers can take down your credit card information and steal the personal identity.


Microsoft Alert

The adware cleaner is a popular scanner, and this helps the user to detect the malware and remove the same from the user account. This is more efficient than any other anti-virus and Anti-Malware programs which fail to remove the unwanted malware where Adware Cleaner can come to rescue.

Two, widely used software like Malware bytes And Hitman Pro are sufficient software, but in this case, we highly recommended the ADW CLEANER to the users where the problem is not entirely resolved. With this software, the user can be sure that they are on secure pc, away from the unwanted debris. SO that your PC is % protected from the adware. Below are some of the steps that one can follow to fix the problem and clean your computer:

1. Click on the software ADWCEANER and then you have to double click. As the AdwCleaner is downloading while you click the link for the download.

2. Double click on the setup file on the left corner of the browser. In some cases, the files downloaded can be accessible from the download folder.

3. If you see user control pop-up, you can supersede that by clicking allow access.

4. As you move to click on the scan and as the system scan is performing the activity for the unwanted malicious files, you would need to wait as this may take a few minutes to complete the process.

5. You can clean and repair the system by using the appropriate option. This will help in the removal of the relevant files from the system.

6. As you clean the system, it is highly recommended to restart the device. As the malware removal process is complete, the final step involves clean and then restarts to complete the removal process.


When you are facing this issue, it means that the problem’s significant possibility is because of the browser redirection. You see browser redirection because of the Virus Alert pop-up, so a browser reset can be processed from the browser’s setting if the previous steps were not able to fix the problem.
If you are getting this message on your Google Chrome browser, you can rest the browser to default settings. This will reset the unwanted programs; however, your bookmarks and password will not be cleared and changed.