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Top 5 Five Web Browsers of Internet [Infographics]

In this era of technology, life without the internet is impossible. Similarly, the use of the internet is impossible without a web browser. A Web browser is a software application that allows the users to access the countless web pages which are stored in the World Wide Web or the internet. Hence, the web browser is the medium through which millions of internet users take advantage of information resources like web pages, images, videos, and similar pieces of content. As the web is filled with a huge amount of data, the browser must be interactive and user-friendly, so that, users can get their required stuff easily. This article will help you in knowing which one of the web browsers is more popular among internet users.

There are some basic things that a web browser must have. It must load web pages very quickly. It should take a minimum portion of screen space so that users can view their web pages properly. It should be very secured and protected against malware which is a constant threat on the Internet. The browser should not rely on a user to download the latest security patches. Instead, a user should get the latest version of security stuff on his/her device automatically through the web browser to remain safe and protected against viruses and pop-ups. Even though there are several browsers available for internet users, the following are the top five web browsers based on its popularity and number of users:

Top five Web Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

top webbrowsers india

top web browsers

1) Firefox

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers among internet users. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Firefox is fast, secure, and fully customizable to suit your online life. This web browser tool offers various powerful features to make your online experience even better. Unlike other web browsers, Firefox protects you from different spyware, viruses, and pop-ups by blocking them automatically. It offers excellent speed in web browsing where more than one web page can be viewed in a window. Other features responsible for its popularity include a password manager, an intuitive download manager, automatic updates & add-on installer, customizable searching capabilities, and tweakable themes that are quite easy to install and switch out.

2) Google Chrome

Google Chrome, a web browser developed by Google, is one of the best internet browsers available in the market. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Chrome provides you extremely convenient features, a simple layout, and various security functions that allow safe browsing. It loads web pages very quickly without any lag. Other useful built-in features include automatic full-page translation, thousands of extensions, apps, and themes from the Chrome Web Store. Chrome automatically creates thumbnails of frequently visited pages, due to which people love to make Google Chrome as their default browser.

3) Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is one of the oldest web browsers on the World Wide Web. It is fast and safe. Web browsing is much easier by a tabbed browsing facility which enables you to open ten or more windows at the same time. IE is a clean and neat browser with a reduced menu. The explorer provides an updated search box to make your task of searching easy and quick. The web pages can be automatically re-sized for printing, that’s truly very useful. However, the browser does not offer a variety of themes or template designs and extra power for users so that they can customize the browser according to their liking. It is a fact that Chrome and Firefox are overtaking Internet Explorer.

4) Opera

Opera is another popular web browser. You can experience lightning fast and safe browsing with the help of some powerful features. The latest version is compatible with Windows, Solaris, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. There is a mobile version of it, which can be used in many mobile phones. It is featured with an eye-candy interface combined with the speed which guarantees a rich browsing experience. Its security features are of the highest degree and ensuring total security. Always opera has been known for introducing innovative features. It was the first browser to bring tabbed browsing and mouse gestures facilities in a web browser. Many people prefer Opera for its innovation.

5) Safari

Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple but not so popular. It can run on any platform. It is best known for its fastest browsing speed. In this web browser, you will get a simple and minimalist display. Other cool features that make this browser one of the best browsers are easy bookmarks, pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, in-line find, built-in RSS, automatic form filling, SnapBack, private browsing, re-sizable text fields, and security. The main attraction of the browser is that extensions can be added onto Safari at the user’s convenience. For Mac computers, Safari is the best option.

Image Source: statcounter.com


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