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System UI Isn’t Responding Error: [Fixed]

To fix an issue with System UI has stopped working; you would have to unlock the device to go through the primary shut down procedure of the device. This can be achieved by clicking on the power button, which you can press and hold for few minutes, and as you get to see the option of “Power Off,” you can choose this to shut down the device. Once the device is turned off, wait for few seconds, and then you need to turn on the device that you can quickly achieve by turning the machine back ON. Check if the System UI isn’t Responding is resolved or not.

When the system UI isn’t responding, it can be a significant problem majorly associated with the corrupted software or the drivers and the files in the system. If you are facing this issue, it can also be because of the unsuccessful patches on your device. The specific reason that the system UI is not responding maybe because of the non-compatibility of the applications that were updated recently for the device is not associating well with updated UI on your device.

Step 1: Shut down and Restart your Phone

This is the primary step that involves power off and then powers on the device. Once this process is followed, you can wait for a few minutes before you shut down the device and tune back on after some time. This process is useful to remove any unwanted caches. Any problem linked to the Apps in the machine which would have shut down incorrectly and is not working in the right way on your device can be a significant cause, and implementing this process can be the best solution.

Step 2: Clean up some app to free Space Storage

This is a prominent solution that one can use is to remove unwanted apps. Mostly we end up in downloading apps that we may not be even used on our device. This is the high time when you can start eradicating those apps to make sure that your device is working better and with faster speed.

Solution 3: SD card Concerns May Cause system UI isn’t responding


Look for any issues associated with the SD card that can be a breakthrough associate to the device. There are concerns like a broken card, unspotted cards that are not located correctly connected to devices.

Solution4: Fix system UI isn’t responding

There can be a bug error in the system, which can be a significant cause of the problem. It is necessary to rest the apps and the preferences linked to the apps to get rid of the problem associated with System UI, not responding.

Solution 5: Look for a safer mode and remove faulty apps 

Try to log the device in a manner that is more reliable to access. To do that, you would be required to remove any unwanted devices apps that were downloaded and are either inaccessible because of many varied reasons, which may be an issue linked to the corruption caused in those apps.

Usually, unwanted updates that are not updating correctly when you go through the necessary installation of the updates from Google store can be a concern. Any such faults can be taken care of by altogether removing those apps.

Solution 6: Uninstall or change your Google account you can sign out and try to sign back in after some time to fix the issue.

Solution 7: Resetting the device to the factory setting.

When you have a phone which has insufficient memory storage, you will face issue linked to getting system UI error.


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