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Reset Windows 7 Without Password – Factory Reset Ways

Reset Windows 7 Without Password:

It is always an important step to restore the PC, as in the case when you need to troubleshoot the computer. For issues like a crashed machine or when you want to get rid of personal data. In case you are looking to reset the WINDOWS 7 to the factory without the password, here the option and the way that one can use to fix the problem. Below are 3 primary ways that one can use to solve the problem.

METHOD 1: Windows 7- Reset Without Password.

METHOD 2: Reset Laptop by Recovery Partition without Password.

1: Windows 7- Reset Without Password.

Unlike other windows that we use in day today’s life, which includes Windows 10 or 8, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, anyone must use the admin password to reset the windows. There are instances sometimes when you don’t remember the password. In that case, the only option left is to remove the password from the boot option available in Laptop. When you don’t have a password, one can create the password disk from another computer. In this case, when you remove the password of the administrator, you can do the WINDOWS 7 factory reset without a password.

Step 1: Click on the power key to start the Laptop or Computer. As the computer turns on, you will have a tap on the F8 key constantly and go through the advanced boot option.

Step 2: Then select the option to repair and then go to Enter. As you get the system recovery screen option, use the keyboard layout, and go to NEXT.

Step 3: When you opt for the Next screen, you can go to the information section and find your user name and password section to proceed to the next step. In case you have already removed the password, we need to keep the password section blank.

Step 4: As you see, the list of options find the system recovery tool and then watch to RESET the pc as you choose to factory Reset while following the screen instructions.

METHOD 2: Reset Laptop by Recovery Partition without Password:

It is in the present scenario you will find a preinstalled partition of recovery or a recovery disc is handy, which can come to rescue and work for you. One can use the recovery disk as this will help you in the recovery of the windows 7. One can use the steps provided in this blog about the rest of Windows 7 when you find that the admin password has expired.

Step 1: One can start the computer or turn it on merely by clicking on the power key available on the PC or Laptop.

Step 2: In some cases from the multiple computer brands nowadays, we have the recovery manager available, which provides the necessary guidelines for the recovery that needs to be in function as a when you need it. Usually, brands like HP will have a SYSTEM RECOVERY option available below to fix this problem.

Step 3: We have required steps below that one can follow to take your computer or laptop back to the original form. When you initiate the reset successfully, you can proceed with the restart of the device again.

In case when you want to do the factory reset of you Windows 7 and the primary cause for the same is the password that you don’t remember, you can choose to option PassFab4WINKEY rather than the direct factory reset. This tool has an important feature to reset the login password with ease. This can be in action with ease of function and can be a quick action to recover any type of account with a password. Below are steps that one can follow to solve your problem.

Create a Windows Reset Disk:

Reset Windows 7 Without Password

Step 1: When you can access PassFab4WinKey, you can use the Run option on the Laptop as you proceed with the functioning you can use DVD, CD, USB, and FLASH DRIVE to complete the process.
Step 2: As the action is in the function, you can choose the BURN option to start the boot for the disk. You will get pop about the data lost while you proceed with the same.

Step 3: You need to select the option NEXT as the process will start. Once you are about to end the process, the RESET disk of windows will be available.

Using Disk to Boot WINDOWS 7:

STEP 1: One can proceed with the disk, which will be put into the drive on the Laptop. As you start the laptop F12 is the function key that needs to click continuously as you restart the Laptop. With this, you will be able to access Boot Menu.

STEP 2: Identify the recovery disk and choose to restart the computer using the disk, and this will fix as it recovers the system applications.

Login password reset – Windows 7:

Step 1: While you follow this, you would need to choose the OS and follow the step to reset the password using the user account and password.

Step 2: Click on the password tab and enter the key password that needs to be set as your new password by password recovery tool.
 3: As you proceed to RESET the password, a normal reboot will help you enter a new password, and you can use that in the future to access your computer.


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