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How to Recover Lost Microsoft Office Documents with Office Recovery Wizard?

Install free file recovery software – Office Recovery Wizard to retrieve and save your deleted, corrupted and overwritten Microsoft Office documents.

Working on a computer, it might happen that important Microsoft office files get deleted accidentally or corrupted. Word DOC or Excel XLS files of any office PC are most important and it is time-consuming when you have to re-create them due to unwanted deleting process or corrupted hard disk. Now, with the help of free file recovery software – Office Recovery Wizard you can recover your lost or corrupted data files.

office recovery wizard

About Office Recovery Wizard Software:

Office Recovery Wizard is a potential software that helps you to restore your lost or corrupt documents easily. It recovers all deleted and corrupted files instantly, so you can see the live preview of your deleted or corrupted file and select files you want to save on your computer. Besides paying more money to other professionals to retrieve your data, simply install ORW software on your computer to save money and retrieve files like professionals. It is available in free and paid versions.

Office Recovery Wizard Key features:

Powerful data recovery engine: Once you install office recovery wizard software on your computer, you do not have to worry even if your hard disk gets damaged severely or your file system gets missing, corrupted or overwritten. Its powerful data search algorithm scans the whole surface of the hard disk to find out every missing document. A powerful data recovery search engine matches the content of the disk with pre-defined signatures.

Live Preview: Office Recovery Wizard gives you a facility to decide and select, which files you want to recover with its Live Preview feature. Live preview displays all content and you can see a preview by one click on a particular document and double click to save it on your computer.

Compatibility: When it comes to compatibility, office recovery wizard software is universally compatible. It can restore deleted files on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows from 95 to Windows 7. As well as, it also compatible with Windows Vista, ISO9660, UDF, Linux Ext2, Ext3, and Raiser.

User Interface: Office recovery wizard helps the user to interact easily with their step by step negotiating interface. It has simple exploration like a window to establish interaction with the user.

List of all work that you can do with ORW is given below:

  • It recovers documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and publications of Microsoft office
  • ORW retrieves data files from the formatted and repartitioned drives
  • Support and recover files from external storage devices like SSD, memory cards, USB drives, etc.
  • Recover data files even if you do not have any office applications installed and retrieve data made in Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • ORW also retrieve documents made in StarOffice, OpenOffice 1.x and OpenOffice 2.x

List of different document formats supported by office recovery wizard is given below:

  • PPTX: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Document
  • DOCX, DOCM: Microsoft Word 2007 Document
  • XLSX, XLSM, XLSB: Microsoft Excel 2007 Document
  • DOC: Microsoft Word Document
  • RTF: Rich Text files
  • XLS: Microsoft Excel Document
  • PPT: Microsoft PowerPoint Document
  • VSD: Microsoft Visio Drawing
  • PUB: Microsoft Publisher Document
  • MAX: 3D Max File
  • SDW: StarOffice Word
  • SDC: StarOffice Calc
  • SDA: StarOffice Drawing
  • SDD: StarOffice Presentation
  • ODT: OpenOffice 2 Text
  • ODS: OpenOffice 2 Spreadsheet
  • ODP: OpenOffice 2 Presentation
  • ODG: OpenOffice 2 Graphics
  • File systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (NT 4), NTFS5 (2000, XP), ISO9660, UDF, Linux Ext2, Ext3, Raiser

Step by Step guide to install and use Office Recovery Wizard software:

  • Visit www.wizardrecovery.com
  • If you want to buy office recovery wizard at $99.95, click on the “buy now” or for a free trial, click on “download” button
  • To install it in your computer, follow the instructions you see in the installation window to enter the registration name and Unlock key
  • After installation, it will search your entire hard disk to recover all deleted, corrupted, overwritten Microsoft office documents
  • You will get a list of all retrieved files with space to preview each file
  • A single click on any file to preview that document
  • After seeing a preview, if you want to save the file, double click on it
  • You can also filter your result and clear any documents that you do not need any more

Note: It is advised not to save, download or install office recovery wizard on disk that needs to be recovered. There are high chances that it might damage or overwrite the recoverable files. So, install it in any external storage device such as USB memory drive, remote or network drive, CD/DVD.


  • Universally compatible
  • User-friendly
  • Recovers Microsoft office files even if none of the applications are installed
  • Support external storage devices
  • Retrieve corrupted, deleted and overwritten files

Image courtesy: wizardrecovery


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