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How to Protect Your Computer Against Autorun Infections?

An infected USB drive can attack your PC with Autorun Infections. To get rid of this, one can protect their PC using USB Immunizer that prevents the autorun file from running.

USB flash drive is a wonderful tool for transferring files from one computer to another. With ever-growing popularity, it has been used by each individual and become an ideal target for hackers and other cybercriminals for setting up viruses and other harmful code.

usb bitdefender immunizer

The existing personification of Autorun Infections is a pattern of the file in the original list of removable media, called autorun.inf. If someone has inserted a USB flash drive or CD and had a program run automatically, then it means that autorun was following it. It is obvious that autorun is common in all places, but one should prevent it. Prevention measures should be taken when one is doing online work like the sites we visit, the files we download and placing them on their USB stick. The most important thing is that one must have a protection system enabled on their computer with a modernized antivirus, and also an enabled firewall.

Whenever one has a doubt about the files that whether files safe or not, then scan those files with antivirus software. In addition to this, one has to scan the entire flash drive periodically for infections as a new vital safety measure.

How to protect your computer against Autorun Infections?

Once the prevention part is done, one’s USB flash drive is clean. But what about other sticks that other people use in their computers. Some of the antivirus programs scan the USB drive as soon as it is plugged in, while some others do not scan it. Even after plugging it and one has started for scanning, autorun can affect your computer because by that time autorun programming has already been run. Thus, this is not enough for protecting one’s computer.

Fortunately, someone has covered this with USB Immunizer developed by BitDefender Labs. USB Immunizer is a transferable tool that is able to immunize a number of USB devices with a simple procedure.

It includes the following two features:

Get rid of Autorun Infections by Immunize:

This option allows one to immunize their USB flash drive or any storage device card against Autorun Infections based on malware. Even though your storage device has been plugged into an infected computer, the piece of malware will not be able to create its autorun.inf file, defeating the possibility of auto-launching itself.

Immunize Computer:

This option allows you to take a snap from the autorun feature On or Off for any removable devices except for CD/DVD-ROM devices. If one has a plug in an infected USB drive unintentionally which has not been immunized, then the computer will not auto-execute the piece of malware virus located on the USB storage device.

Besides this, the program has some pros and cons given below:


  • It has a very nice interface.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • It can carry out automatic action.
  • It uses a simple, but effective procedure.


  • It cannot deactivate the AutoPlay option in Windows.
  • It cannot run as a system service.
  • It does not include other types of virus detection.

Thus, immunizing with the help of BitDefender USB Immunizer can protect your computer from hackers or any other cybercriminals. This Immunizer is also available in various languages like English, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, German, Farsi, Romanian and French. This is a free program that works on all Windows versions, so be sure to have a glance and get better security on your computers and USB drives.


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