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Process System isn’t responding Android Error

Errors are sometimes a lot of pain to tackle. Mostly shutting down the device and waiting for sometimes before you restart can be the solution rather than going for the factory reset. Lately, we have noticed an influx in the users of the android phone facing problems with the Process system isn’t responding error.

It’s usually quite challenging to find the right solutions if you are using an android device. So, most of the android users don’t have access to the appropriate solution. With all the problems in mind, you would have to worry as you are one of the all the users facing a similar issue in varied situations identical to the one you are facing. Below are some of the ways one can go through to fix the problem and are more effective than any other resolution provided on any other platform. Below can be some of the reason for the errors

  • App stopped working
  • Camera failed
  • Problem with the packaging
  • Android boot screen froze
  • The keyboard of the android device has stopped

These are some of the primary reasons for the above error.

The reason behind “Process system isn’t responding on ANDROID device
Usually, it very difficult to say what was the exact reason that may have caused the issue with the android device. But often, we have found some of the typical sections that can force the problem to occur on the device.

Software Updates

The most common section of the concern is the updates that you get on your android device. These updates are a major concern sometimes and can be a primary cause of the concern linked to state the android device is in right now. At times updating the android device is easy as it happens automatically but is not as easy as updates linked to firmware may restart the Android device. The errors related to the Android devices are usually linked to the faulty files and incompatibility of the updates.

Apps – Third Party

Usually, the error is caused by the third-party app that gets downloaded and creates an unwanted error. These are the apps that are available on the PLAY Store as other applications. However, these apps go through the required scanning so that they are safe. However, mostly the apps on the Google store may not be scanned and when one downloads the app may have a virus which may be the cause of the problem in the android device.

Usually, we end up downloading multiple apps on the device and which can be a cause of insufficient space. When you don’t have enough space on the android device, there is little space to do other installation and slows the functioning of the android device. These, in turn, make the device functionality slow and, in turn, create the problem with the e android to respond slowly.
However, as per the process of the android device functionality, there can be various other causes for the problem. Below are some of the fixes that one can use:

Fix #1: The Process System isn’t Responding

To fix this issue, sometimes, you may go with the software available online for the fix, and usually, DR. Repair for phone system is available, which can fix the problem by a single click.

  • You would be required to connect the phone to the windows computer and then click and find the option to repair an android device by simply clicking on the android button.
  • Once the android device is connected, you will see that it can fetch the androids information, and you can click on next when you know the data is accessed. We would have to shut down the androids device and reboot in a specific workable mode.
  • When you get into the workable mode, the firmware will be downloaded. Once the download is complete, it will automatically repair the problem of the processing system isn’t responding.

Fix #2: Shut Down and Restart the Device

To fix the technical problems associate with any androids device can be taken care of by “Turning the device on and turning it back on. “ So a common fix associated is restarting the device whatever the reason this can be a universal fix.
All the devices different and the buttons associated with turning the device on/off can be done by holding the power button. You will see a button like power off “or reboot, which can be used to restart the device. But in most cases, you can hold power and volume up button alternatively to apply the action.

FIX #3: Verify the SD Card If Process System isn’t responding

When you try to restart the device and the issues are with the process still not responding, the problem can be associated with the SD card. Usually, many issues can be the cause of concern. Below are some of the possible reasons for the challenge.

  • The capacity of the SD card is maxed out.
  • The card you are using contains the files which are corrupted and cannot be read by the system because of the corruption in those files.
  • Sometimes the problem may with the SD card itself. Further, you need to make sure that while using the SD card has to be appropriately inserted before you proceed with the process.

Finally, it is necessary to check the storage of the devices so that the card that you are using isn’t full and have sufficient space on it. To verify the storage capacity on the SD card, you can check that by choosing the setting option in the storage. When you see that you are out of size on your SD card, start finding files that can be deleted. However, in most cases, you can fix the problem by simply replacing the SD card. You can use the new SD card for the data transfer from the older card.

You can further proceed with the step and navigating through the storage of the SD card. Once you can find that there is no problem with exploring through the device. You can assume that the files were not corrupt.
One would also have to make sure that the SD card has been inserted into the correct slot. One has also to confirm that the card is entered correctly.

Fix #4: Android Version Verification


Mostly when you update your android device, you will face any issue like the process system isn’t responding. This problem can quickly be resolve by updating the firmware. In some cases, it has been found that the updates which were installed are insignificant, and the security updates were inconsistent. The primary cause of the problem is because of not checking your updates on time.

  • Go to the about section in the phone settings on your device. Choose the update option as you click on the software update.
  • When you see the required updates, you can download and upload the same accordingly. While going through the process, you may notice that the device will update multiple times during the process. Despite the fact the update happened automatically, you will see the notification associated with that.
  • It is always recommended to check your updates once a week.

Fix #5: Remove cache from Android Device

In android devices, which are usually apart of smartphones has got a feature to store cache. It’s always seen that when we restart the device, it will automatically remove all cache. Whenever this process is implemented, it won’t necessarily remove all caches. In this case, when the caches are not removed automatically, one can remove them manually.
This is not an easy task and would require recovery mode. Below are some of the steps that can be used to wipe out the caches correctly.

  • Press the Power button and click on power off to shut down your device.
  • As you can turn off your device successfully; you can use the volume up key simultaneously to get the recovery mode.
  • Once you get the recovery mode, use the volume key to scroll up and down, and choose the option, wipe your device to wipe out the entire data from your android device.
  • Once you can remove all the caches, you can restart the device. After the system is turned back on the check, the issue is resolved. However, you may find that all your data is gone. This is one of the unavoidable risks, and even if the problem is not fixed, you won’t be able to get the data back.

Fix #6: Update All Apps on Android Device

While updating the android version on your android device, it is also required to update all apps on your android phones. It is a possibility that some apps will be incompatible due to a lack of updates. This may cause a problem with the device to load the apps file correctly. Every time your device allows you to update your apps and if any app appears to have an error in the process of reinstallation while updating should be removed.

  1. Click on the Goole app to open your “Play store on your android device “
  2. Go to the option of the’ Menu on the left side of the Apps icon and choose “My Apps.”
  3. Using this option, you can choose the update all.
  4. You can go for the required scan and check the updates available. This is an opportunity for most of the app that didn’t have an option to update for a long time, which can be a significant cause of the problem in the current situation.

FiX #7: Factory Recovery Help Process System isn’t responding

If you tried all the fixes that were provided above and somehow you still are facing concerns linked to the process not responding. The factory reset is the last resort you can switch to. While one goes for rest, it removes all the files associated with your system, and all your data is gone, and your device is clean as a brand new device. But before you implement this process, you must take the required back up of the data.

  1. Go to the option “Settings” app.
  2. Select the “General click on Backup& Restore” and tap on the option “Factory data reset. “
  3.  Go to the option of “Reset phone” and wait.
  4. Once you are done through the above steps, you will see that the device will be completely reset.

This will fix the problem but do make sure that you take the necessary data backup; before you proceed further to repair the processing system, not responding.


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