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Microsoft Word Not Responding | Fix And Save Word Document

Microsoft Word is the widely used word processor software in all over the world. This tutorial will show you how to fix Microsoft word not responding or opening on Windows 10. This video tutorial provides you with some possible solutions to these problems like Microsoft Word not working, Microsoft Word not responding, or starting.

As you go to start option in windows, try to open programs and access windows tool for office and application recovery from MS office. Identify the document which is not processing and through the list of running programs. Use the application recover option to fix the document which was not working.

Microsoft word is a prominent processor developed since so far. The most accessed processor in the world. This software is accessible on only a limited windows system. Now, this is supported by all OS.

In spite of the fact being used around the world, this processor has its limitations. In most cases, the software stops responding and can’t be launched correctly. There is a lot of varied reason associate to that. Some of the causes can be incorrect add-in etc. below are some ways that can be used to fix this problem and we can start the way down the list of solutions.

FIX 1: Block Add-INSblock to fix Microsoft Word Not Responding

One of the prominent factors linked to the word, which can lead to not responding is unwanted add-ins from third-party software. A trouble-shooter can be run to identify the problematic add-ins and removed accordingly afterward.

  1. Open Word application and go to tab file and move through options.
  2. Click on Add-Ins on the navigation panel. Go to unwanted add-ins and block them.
  3. Try to reinitiate the word file again. And verify the problem is fixed.

FIX 2: REMOVE Anti-Virus Software

As the software that is installed from the third-party website includes antivirus. These are software that monitors your computer and keeps an eye for any unwanted elements that can download on the computer. While this is said, there is an instance of software conflict causing a stage of unresponsive state and crash. Many antiviruses can be a cause on the concern which includes Mca-Fee and Malware byte. Whatever the case disabling the software can be a fix. Once this step is processed, we have to restart the computer and see if the problem is resolved.

FIX 3: Microsoft Office Repair

Microsoft office is an application software included in the Office bundle. The other elements are Excel, PowerPoint, etc. here is built-in software for repair and can be accessed. Use this option to remove the corrupted files and implement the fix.


While we try the fix admin privilege is required:

  1. Use the run window and type the app wiz in the box and hit enter.
  2. All options will pop up from where the office suite can be selected. Once you choose the option hi the repair or change option to implement the repair.
  3. After the fix is implemented, restart the computer and check if the problem is resolved.

FIX 4: Open Word In Safe Mode

As with the above ways are not able to fix the problem. One can click on word usually, and right-click will do. In the list of options, choose to open the word in safe mode. This a troubleshooting way and any application which is the third party will automatically stop. By this, you will not have any app that prevents the functioning of Microsoft word. With this problem, the application can be identified and hence uninstalled.

Fix 5 Microsoft Fix-it Solution if Microsoft Word Not Responding

There are a lot of programs available, for example, FIX-IT which can be used. This program helps in Add-ins identifications and disabling the same. With the software, direct registry values can be identified and removed. As most of the hindrance associated with the app runs to the optimum value is a registry fix. Fix-it can directly involve in the registry fix. This is addressed by Microsoft on its website and has provided multiple repairs as well. There are various coding languages associated with scanning the source of the problem and removing those unwanted applications.

Other ways that can be tried is disabling hardware’s and verify the error logs related to the different application, which is the third party. In most cases, re-installation is the only way left but make sure that you have required credentials primarily Microsoft Word Product key. When you have all information handy, you can go with the installation process again.


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