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Utilizing all of the vehicle tracking Chester has to offer is incredibly beneficial to all businesses. This is because managing a fleet of vehicles is an on-going challenge. Quality fleet tracking systems installed by reliable communications companies are proving to be a far superior option that continually justifies the investment from business owners. So, let’s look further into the incredible benefits of having a reliable and experienced communications specialist install vehicle tracking devices in your fleet.

The Daily Challenge

The manager responsible for the fleet of vehicles will be fully aware of the constant daily challenges. However, there is always a common element inside the situation; data. When the manager knows the facts and has all the information they need, it means that they can make the best decisions possible. But how does one gather data from a range of vehicles which are situated in a variety of locations?

Technological Advances

Today’s technology offers business owners, fleet managers, and customers the opportunity to collect data quickly at long distances. This makes the distance between each individual vehicle and the management center a none-issue and is all achieved through a quality vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system will commonly consist of four main parts. The first part is a comprehensive piece of software to capture, analyse and display the relevant information clearly. This software can provide the position of each individual vehicle in real-time or from past journeys. The second part of the system is the GPS location device, which communicates with the software via a third party network, which makes up the third part of the system. The fourth part of the tracking system is the GPS itself.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

How It Works

A trusted communications company will fit the locators inside each vehicle in your fleet. The GPS satellites will then communicate with this locator, which then transmits the location of the vehicle to the fleet manager’s software. The information transmitted to the software consists of the exact orbital position of the vehicle, as well as other important data such as direction and speed. If regular transmission is interrupted, the system will store the information periodically, until it is able to transmit once again.

History behind the System

The GPS system was originally a product of the U.S military for their own personal use. The benefit of using such a hi-tech system is that it is constantly being improved and worked on. There have been several “phases” of improvements over the years, with each one significantly increasing the accuracy of vehicle locations. This makes the fleet tracking system the absolute best option for both the short and long term.

Examples of Benefits

The fleet manager can access the software and can be accurately shown where an individual vehicle is, whether or not it is stationary, and if it is moving, precisely how fast it is going and in which direction. In situations where time is precious, a fleet manager may want to know if a driver is on time. The vehicle fleet tracking system will not only display the location of a driver, but it will also predict the arrival time. This allows management to save time, money, and fuel.


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