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In today’s generation, there is hardly anyone who is not associated with some game or the other. Every gamer knows the thrill that comes with gaming. They live for the highs, the lows, the rush, the ups, the downs and most importantly, the wins. Thus, gaming has secured a huge portion of every gamer’s life. It gives a new, virtual life to the individual playing it. This is one of the major reasons why overwatch boosting has become extremely popular.

What Is Overwatch Boosting

Overwatch boosting is basically the process where a top-ranked player plays the game for another individual in order to help them reach the required or desired skill set. Although this started with an aim to provide a platform for gamers to showcase their skills, it has taken up the nature of a business now. People now recruit top-ranked players in order to provide an overwatch rank boost. This was initially done for all the gamers to come together under one roof. However, there have been a lot of controversies relating to the overwatch boost rank.

What Is Overwatch Boosting

How Boosting Helps

Many gamers believe that boosting compromises on the integrity of the game. This is because gamers are not actually going through the levels in order to reach their highest potential. Someone else is taking full control of the game and thus not allowing a gamer to actually develop. Overwatch boosting also threatens the integrity of the game in another sense. This is because it also includes a good player lowering his rank in order to play with players of the same rank. After doing so, they can easily win and boost their rank up by a higher margin than usual. Therefore, due to these issues, there are various people who have a higher rank, not by merit but because of rank boosting.

Who Is It For?

Although overwatch boosting has these major disadvantages, it cannot be denied that it does provide a more competitive environment where the best of the players play in order to bring someone else up. This motivates an amateur or a beginner level gamer to experience the rush and thrill of a high level in a game without going through the tedious procedure of crossing all the levels. This boosts the player as he can catch up with his friends or other gamers who are on a higher level. Although it provides a shortcut, it increases the motivation level and thus brings in more gamers. It is still a controversy whether boosting is worth it or not. It is definitely seen as worth it for the gamers who wish to advance faster and enhance their ranks. It is also seen as a great job for the top-ranked players as they can make money out of something that they love and are passionate about. This promotes the concept of gaming along with various games as everyone desires to be the best and reach the highest levels that there are. Thus, currently, the overwatch rank boost is seen as something which is worth it. However, it must be carefully used in order to exploit the opportunities completely.


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