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HTTP Error 504 AOL Mail – Fix Gateway Timeout Issue

A lot of times, while working, users are getting errors like- HTTP error 504 AOL mail, 504 Gateway timeout AOL, AOL 504 gateway timeout. Here, we will discuss what kind of error is this and why it is happening. 504 timeout is an error in which one server does not receive a response from the other server. Do while trying to fulfill a request by the browser or while trying to get access to the webpage. The error is also called as “AOL 504 gateway timeout” and the HTTP code.

A quick intro of AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free web-based email service provided by AOL. AOL is a division of Verizon Communications, and this service is available in 54 languages. Its email attachment limit is 25 MB. Its supported protocols are POP3, SMTP, and IMAP. Here, we can link our email accounts to any other services providers as well, like Google, Hotmail, etc. it is available in 54 different languages. It is a commercial web email service provider. AOL is a web application (email webmail) type of website.

Many other email service providers face the error 504 gateway timeout. There are many errors that users can encounter while using services, and 504 error is one of the most common out of those. There could be any reason behind this error. But, before going forward for resolution, it is essential to understand the problem, so that we can take practical actions for rectification. AOL mail error is vital to fix so that you can use your AOL account properly

Reason AOL 504 Gateway Timeout Error

  1. Network issues could be a reason for the 504 Gateway timeout AOL.
  2. This problem or error may come because of an issue in a particular device.
  3. This error may also arise because email service is not functioning correctly.
  4. If the user device is having any problem, 504 errors may come, but this is happening in sporadic cases, usually this problem seen because of a mistake in mails.
  5. The proxy is facing any issue or the proxy settings are improper is may cause error http error 504 AOL mail.
  6. If the internet connection is nit strong of signal strength is weak, it may also cause AOL 504 gateway timeout.
  7. If there is an issue happening with the main server or from the central server, it may result in this type of error.
  8. In some cases, if the ISP (internet service provider) is getting any issues. It may result in 504 gateway timeout AOL, but this is rarely happening.
  9. Incorrect DNS issues may also cause this issue in some cases.
  10. If your AOL mail account is inactive or it is unused for more than 90 days, then also this may occur. It might be a reason that your account is deactivated, and the mails are sending on it is not going and returning to the sender. This may also arise the error 504 gateway timeout AOL.
  11. Sometimes, the user’s Operating system is not responding or facing some issues, which may also cause this kind of error.

Methods to rectify HTTP Error 504 in AOL Mail


  1. Firstly we should ensure that if there is any problem with the device or not. If so, then try to check the issue happening with the equipment and try to switch off and switch on. Now check, probably it should start working properly.
  2. If still, the problem does not resolve, then try to use wit ith another device. Changing the device may determine the concern.
  3. Refresh the web page you are currently using. For that, click on the Refresh tab coming on the browser, and if the tab is not coming, then press F5 keys to refresh.
  4. If refreshing the web page is not sufficient, then try to close the web page and reopen it again. Most of the time, it an effective measure to get rid of 504 gateway timeout in AOL.
  5. If you’re already done with refreshing and closing the web page, then the ultimate option is to uninstall and reinstall the web browser. Now, try to use some other web browsers; it may resolve the issue. This is happening in those cases where there is an issue running with a web browser.
  6. The proxy settings as well, and if there is any issue with the settings, make it correct from your device, and if the error is coming because of proxy settings, it will resolve.
  7. Check your internet or Wi-Fi connection. If it is connected or not, also make sure the speed is good.
  8. Try to use some different ISO internet service provider.)
  9. Restart the operating system it may resolve if there is any current issue with the device you are using, then try to switch it off and off before using AOL again.
  10. Try be restarting the network of if http error 504 in AOL mail is coming because of network issues it may resolve.

Can’t fix HTTP error 504 in AOL Mail

Let’s say if you already tried all the above-written remedies from your end. But still, the problem is not resolved, then there is an ultimate option to get connected with an expert. To do so, there are three-way you can try any:

    • To solve the issue of 504 gateway timeout, you can contact the cat team of AOL or give them a call. The toll-free number will work for USA and Canada users. Rest users may connect to the chat team.
    • It is also advisable to take your Operating system to a service center and get it checked to be experts.
    • Consult a tech professional who can identify the issue and resolve it.


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