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How to run Windows 8 apps on desktop with ModernMix?

For the first day of launch, Windows 8 has been controversial for Microsoft as a result of its features and specification. At present, many of us have reviled this application because of the tablet-like interface, even on desktops PCs and a schizophrenic interface that divides users between the windows, multitasking desktop, and the mono-task modern screen. By default, window 8 apps are restricted to the start screen background, but it is not neutrally bad like Windows ME or Windows Vista. If you want to use application and desktop programs at the same time, then you must toggle between your start screen and desktop to use them. We all know that it is not possible with window 8 OS but this useless back and forth can be improved through StarDock‘s latest application, “ModernMix”, which offers more flexibility to the user to run window 8 apps exact on the desktop.

How to run Windows 8 apps on desktop with ModernMix

The latest release of Stardock, makers of Start8, Fences, and other useful programs are also identified as Metro or RT apps that use the screen display according to your requirement; as a result, you can enjoy mail program, weather app, or stock ticker at the same time on your computer display.  The application does not make your computer look cool but offers a more comfortable way of using modern UI applications in window 8. However, touch-screen has bigger in size and even it is complicated to work with modern apps since they only run in full-screen. All modern apps are touchscreen-friendly and support new gesture-based navigation, but the downside of the touch screen is that it can not be resized or made smaller, so users have to make a start with only one app at once.

With Modernmix application, all modern apps can work like the old programs and open in window mode with “minimize,” “maximize” and “close” buttons, so that you can move them around the screen any way you want. In the vein of other programs, you can attach them to the window taskbar and even launch from the classic desktop environment. It also allows users to turn over back and forth between full screen and windowed mode by pressing shortcut key “F10”.

Like other apps, ModernMix can not be downloaded directly from an authorized page. For it, you have to visit the official page of StarDock and request the download link via e-mail. Lately, it is available in beta version along with a 30-days free trial, so you have so many days to check out the feature and use of modern apps. The price of ModernMix is just $4.99, so it is best for that one who would like to control the best bits of Windows 8 without the disturbance or who have no other choice but to upgrade with a new PC.

Once you downloaded and installed application, you can launch Windows 8 apps as windowed apps on the desktop and even in full-screen mode just by choosing the appropriate option. It can also keep in mind the last state of each app. The application can be easily toggled between windowed and full-screen mode by hovering the mouse over small overlay which is situated on the upper right corner area of the app.  ModernMix app is capable to create a Metro-style app seem normal and retain all of their functionality when you use them on the desktop.

Using an application, you can easily copy and paste various items into mails, kindle browser without losing focus of the mail window, enjoy music while reading the latest stories, and even enjoy the video while you are composing and sending an email. Earlier, the application switching was never easy on window 8. But here, each application is opened on the desktop with its own icon, so that one can easily switch between them.

ModernMix is really easy to configure and gives the option to launch them maximized, in full-screen or standard window state from the classic desktop or the Start Screen. It seems that the modern UI apps will get huge success due to its functionality and that part of Windows 8 will also become much better-suited to multitouch. Try ModernMix at least one time to know what’s actually wrong with Windows 8. Stardock’s app is the best alternative for those who would like to live in the desktop world and enjoy the latest application on the platform at the same time.

Features of ModernMix:

  • Run numerous modern apps in single windows
  • Toggle between several running modern apps on your desktop
  • Pin modern apps to the taskbar
  • Apply custom settings
  • Open application in both windowed views and full screen mode


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