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How to Open JSON File : The Complete Guide

While you are on windows, you can use the notepad option to open the JSON files or any standard text editor to access the data and see the contents in the file. You can choose the NOTEPAD on the sub-menu or click browse if notepad and select it. When you don’t know the notepad listed anywhere in the option you get.

A file that is associated with JAVA Script or the notation of the object it chooses to be in. This notation is usually an interchange format for the data exchange. These are self-proactive files used for the data transmission between the server and web applications. These files are featured as Text-Based, Readable by a human, and lightweight and can be edited using a text editor.

These are high-end files based on the formatting of JavaScript on a subset. Usually independent of any language format, and are supported by different Programs like API’S. These files are used in varied programs, often AJAX WEB, for programming. These files have recently because an optional source to access files alternatively to XML.S

Use of JSON file

We have a lot of application that uses JSO for the data exchange; however, because of their insignificant behavior that is not saved on the hard drive as this may cause an interconnection between connected computers. In Google Plus, JSON files can help in calibration, and you can choose the same and download and data linked to a specific profile.

There are some browsers like Firefox which uses JASON files for creating back up for its bookmarks. Any file that gets downloaded in the profile is saved in the directory. One can even back up the data manually and then further import them to different parts of Firefox. This can be implemented easily accessing import/export and through that go to Restore and then choose the file option and select the back up for Jason in the selection available.

Problem Linked to .JSON Files?


When you face issues linked to opening the .jason file then the only option left is used below new options available:

Downloading Appropriate Program to Open JSON File

Your operating system does not have the opportunity to associate itself with the text editor files, especially .jason file extension. So it becomes necessary, so in order to open such a file, you would have to choose the file and then select the open option from the drop-down menu.

In some cases, the file size can be a concern as these files are more than a hundred kilobytes then a notepad is the option that can be chosen from the submenu. However, if you don’t see the appropriate program installed on your device, then you can browse the program from the internet, which suffices the ability to open such a file automatically.

There are a lot of tools that are available online. Which can be used for analyzing, searching, and sorting of .jason files. Some specific programs are BREEZE, and further, there is a vast list of programs that are instrumental while you open any JSON file in WINDOWS 10.


Choosing Default APP. Option for JSON files

  1. Using the default view option, you can choose the app and specify the files to the apps below are the steps that you can do to achieve this:
  2. Use the option Settings and drop down to Apps and select the option Default Apps.
  3.  Next, you can add the option to choose Default by Type of the file.
  4.  One can select the notepad or random applications that are available to open JSON files.

Other Verified Methods to open json file

Different methods can be used to open the JSON file. But one would have to make sure the files we are trying to open are free from corruption before proceeding further.

To check and use this process, you would have to make sure your computer is free from viruses. And junks and would have to keep you keep your computer free from any unwanted elements.

You can use software that can remove any threat automatically and will, in turn, help you scan your computer and remove any kind of damages. This will restore computer efficiency. This will, in turn, benefit your computer for any unwanted issues.


Usually, opening the JASON file will get you in a lot of problems, but with the article handy, you can get the resolution. Using the specified editor of .jason files, you can easily open the files.


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