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How to Open exe Files on Mac | Run Windows files

Whenever we come across a situation when you don’t have the option to open .EXE or you want to open exe files on Mac you are always available with an easy option to use the Apps that can do the job. Below are some apps available for the users that one can use if they intend to run or open exe file on Mac.

VM Ware Fusion:

As an intended user, you can easily purchase the VMware Tool and then install fusion as you install the Windows in it. Once you can connect your Windows into the VMware Fusion, you can install the VM-Ware Tool in your windows. While you are about to complete the set-up, you can easily choose the EXE file by double-clicking when you are at the mac end, and with this, you will be able to access the data without a problem, and you can watch them open on the Virtual side of your machine.

  • Parallel Desktop:

While you use VM fusion as a user, you can also access the Parallel Desktop as it is quite similar to VM Fusion. This is high stipulated virtualization software that can help a user to open .EXE file on Virtual Windows Machine. However, when you intend to use this product as well, you will have to pay for it.

  • Virtual Box OSE:

While you have an option which is commonly available but required some payment as you intend to use? There are some products on the list which a user can sue for free. Virtual Box OSE is an alternate accessible free while the performance is not that good as with Fusion and Parallels but is acceptable in comparison to the two.

  • Wine:

It is software more popular because of its name. You just have to install the software, and you will be able to open files, .exe on your Mac -Book without an access requirement for windows. But you should note that the Wine software is not the one that works without any problem. One major drawback of this software is that your apps will crash as you start using Wine on your device. This is a link to the part of Windows they are trying to access. When you don’t have the proper module implemented when you access Wine, it will crash. We have tried to use the WINE application to open files on Office, and it hit almost all the time we attempted to open.DOC file not when wee accessed.DOCX file.

  •  Boot Camp:

There may be possibilities that you tried all the above options and fail. The only option that you are left with is Boot Camp, which helps you to install the Windows on the other partition on the Mac Book. However, most of the times as a user, we don’t want to do so. We don’t want any user to install windows on the Mac as it would be a massive waste of money and beauty along with the disk space.
It is always recommended to use VMware Fusion. If you have made your mind for the virtualizing, then your solution should be VMware Fusion on Mac.

How to open any .exe files on a Mac:

When you are using mac book, you have access to the library of apps, which can give you an option everything, but there may be cases sometimes when you think that the Windows has a far larger library.
There have been cases when you come across the software native to Windows and stuck with no solution. But most of the time, these files have the option for an EXE extension, and when you are on Mac, you can’t open such files. However, there are options that we have discussed above that one can use to fix the problem. A Mac user can use these mediums to open these files. As you follow the instructions that we have provided above, one can easily access such a folder on the Mac computer.

Below are some more steps that we can use as the user without any problem as they move on with the instructions provided to fix the issue.

Question 1: Is there a way to RUN the EXE file on Mac?

𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 2: What the option that a user can use to open EXE files?

Question 3: How can a user go about to RUN the Windows Apps on Mac?

Question 1: Is there a way to RUN the EXE file on Mac?

When as a User, you come across this question, the answer is YES. We have a lot of innovations and development were a lot of devices have been in the developing stage and devised to RUN the EXE files on your Mac, but you may come across the incompatibility issues with the Mac OS, but still, these options can be great option to fix.

When you go through these questions, it is important that you know about the EXE files. We all know these are executable files, which are some sort of extension. But the question is what denotes an executable file in the computer world. The executable file is a file executed as a program, and when we install the software, it helps the software to run and install without a problem. Hence these are files that are in use for the functioning of the software that to intend to use as you download them on your computer.

However, the EXE files are accessible only on the MICROSOFT as one of the software. Some users may even think that APP files are the EXE files in the Windows Version, but the APP files, if the user is unaware, are the executable files on Mac.

If you have noted, sometimes you get and error that MS word is not responding to Mac. You can run the EXE files on Mac, depending on the means that you use. So as a user, you may need tools that we have discussed above, which include above. The user can use the WINE at some prominent instances on the virtual machine. In some cases, VM, where you can make an extra partition on the disk and hence can use both versions of the operating system in your Mac computer.

Question 2: What the option that a user can use to open EXE files?

As a user, you can use a lot of options, and hence you can choose from different steps when you are attempting to open an EXE file. There is a lot of software available for the user which can help the user when they intend to use the options to open EXE files on Mac. In most cases, users will go for the Parallel Desktop.

Parallel Desktop:

When it some to use the parallel desktop, it is very simplistic. Further, as a user, you won’t end up wasting your time on your time, and when you are accessing the Mac you won’t even have to restart as you wish to start the Windows application. When you follow this step, it is highly recommended to have access to the Microsoft Copy. You may have to install that on the hard drive so that the Windows version is always available s you restart your computer, and you can choose as a user to select which side of the computer.

Step 1: Installation of Windows on Mac:

Open exe Files on Mac

  • Go to the list of applications in Mac’s Application folder and select the “Parallels” icon by double-clicking on the options. This is an important step to install Windows.
  • Choose the file option “File” by clicking on it.
  • Then select the option “New.”
  • Now move through the option and choose “Install Windows or another OS which one can select either from the DVD or image file.”
  • With this step, you can move further by clicking on “Continue.” As you do that, you can now install Windows by choosing the option of DVD or the Files knew as”.ISO” DISC image; or most of the time, user can even go for a bootable USB drive.
  • Users can even access the manual option mode, for these options, users have to locate the Windows installation source, and then and “Select a file” option has to be clicked.
  • As you move to the next step, click on “Continue.” Now you will see the option to punch in your WINDOWS PRODUCT KEY.
  • You would need to skip the “Express installation” punch the product keys hit on continue to move to the next step.
  • The next step will require a user to choose how he wishes to use Windows: In the option of availability, the user can select productivity or games only, whereas options like software development, design, etc. are also available. Once the user chooses an option, he can click on “Continue.”
  • Then the user needs to select the virtual machine, and with this, the option for the directory or location once can select for the Parallel Desktop.
  • Go through the options and click on “Continue” and the installation of windows will start. When you have the option for the Intel-based Macs 32 and 64-bit, you won’t have to worry about compatibility as all of them are compatible with the versions of Windows: From Windows XP to Windows 10.
  • As the user, when the installation is complete, you can open up Windows, and for that, you just need to click on the power button in the Parallel Mode.

    Step 2: How to use the Parallel Desktop:

Now that you are on the computer with the “Parallel Tools” as you restart your computer. Hence your Mac computer can integrate itself with the Windows Desktop. Once the installation is complete, you may require restarting the Windows.

  • On your Mac, you can choose the option of Parallels Desktop using “Spotlight.’
  • Go and choose the option of “Virtual Machine.”
  • One you do then choose the “Configure” list of option that appears in the menu.
  • Select the “Options.”
  • Go to the option “Shared Folders” and click on it.
  • With this done, you can select the option “ADD” To move to the next step.
  • As you move further, select the option “Choose.”

Once you do that, you will add a location from your Mac’s desktop, which is an option of a Virtual machine. Now that you have the option, you can put the EXE file in that option and hence with the Windows install and access than with ease.

Question 3: How can a user go about to RUN the Windows Apps on Mac?

The question is usually associated with the option as do you to run EXE files on your Mac or find a convenient and easily accessible option. As a user, in our day to day life, we have used a lot of Windows apps, but at times they are not sufficient when it comes to Mac OS, and they probably never will. Most of these apps come with great features that make Windows rank lower when it comes to the Mac computer, and you, as Mac owner, can be the envy of the owner of a window.
As a user, you can run Boot Camp and Remote Desktop to access the .EXE file on Mac. You can use any of the preference depending on what are convenient options.

Boot Camp: To Open .exe files

This is the most convenient step, which is already explained as so does goes for the same way for the apps that you want to run in Mac.

  • Go to Mac’s utility folder, which you can access easily through the search bar as you search the option and choose it by simply clicking on the option.
  • Launch Boot Camp AssistantYou would need to click on the grey hard drive to look like an icon for that. And further, follow the on-screen instruction for your reference.

Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to install Mac Version:

In your Mac computer, the user will need to access the Mac App Store, and located the “Microsoft Remote Desktop.” As you find the option, you need to download and install the option with the required File extension. With this, you will be able to open the file with the Preview app on your Mac computer and other files.

In this blog, as a user, you can access the Mac, but c cannot open the files like EXE as they need an extension of .exe, which is only available on Windows. Hence to open the .exe files as a user, you would need the Windows Operating system to work with these files.