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How to Check and remove DNSChanger virus?

A threat about the potential Internet shut down on Monday, July 9, is spreading. As per this threat, many computer users could lose access to the Internet because of the DNSChanger virus. This virus has once infected about 4 million computers worldwide. AVG has detected DNSChanger on victims’ machines in three nations throughout the month. At present, there are two websites in one nation that host DNSChanger. If computers are infected with malicious software also known as malware, then they will be deprived of Internet access at the same time because the FBI plans to separate infected machines from the Internet, remove the DNSChanger virus as soon as possible.

dns changer virus

DNS changer is a malware that forwards you to a different DNS (Domain Name System). A protection net had been inaugurated by the FBI to stay away from this redirect. However, they will recently deactivate the net for maintenance intention. If you cannot access any websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. on Monday, then your PC will be affected by this malware and you will be marked as an unofficial user. As per the reports from the FBI, DNS changer affected over 41 lakh PC since the year 2007. This malware has been activated on Monday and will affect many PC’s.

Last winter, the international cybercriminal ring took down by the FBI and other authorities and then FBI was left with a difficulty that this virus forwarded PCs to DNS Internet servers that are operated by the ring, and if they were detached unexpectedly, those PCs would no longer be able to utilize the Internet. So, those servers are arranged by the FBI to be replaced with ones that operated properly, as a safety net to offer time to computer users to relieve their PCs from the virus.


How to check DNS Changer virus?

Security software-maker McAfee has unveiled a free tool to check your computer, and help those who may be infected by this malware. The FBI shut down the safety-net servers on July 9, even after that checking will help you stay connected. The tool is available at www.siteadvisor.com/dns_checker.html and helps you in recognizing whether your PC has been affected by the malware or not, as well as it offers you a free solution Relevant Products/Services if your PC has been infected.

Another website has been set up by the FBI together with public and private security experts to check the DNSChanger virus. The DNSChanger Working Group operates www.dns-ok.us website – a tool to check your PC and resources for working with your supplier to remove the virus and stay connected. If you want to check your computer, then you need to double-check for the malware – this process only takes a minute.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has also set up an online screening system for your computer. Visit www.dns-ok.ca, and click on a link through which you agree to run your PC through the DNSChanger malware checker. The page should be refreshed and you will see either a green or red banner, with a message that states whether DNSChanger has been noticed.

If you see the green banner, your PC is safe but if you see the red banner and a message verifying the virus has been noticed, then you can go to one of several websites set up that help in informing the public about the virus and the related FBI operation for further instructions on how to remove it.

You can also check and remove DNSChanger virus manually and compare DNS settings of your computer to the identified malicious DNS server IP addresses that are listed on the FBI or Public Safety Canada websites. As per those sites, your computer is infected with the virus, if your IP address falls within one of the following groups:

  • through
  • through
  • through
  • through
  • through
  • through

Public Safety Canada recommends some steps to find your DNS settings.

For Windows users: Go to Start menu, select Run, type: cmd.exe and press the “Enter” option. Type ipconfig /all in the black command window and press the “Enter” option. Look for the line that says “DNS Servers.” Often, two or three IP addresses are listed, compare against a list of rogue IP addresses.

For Apple users: Go to System Preferences, select network, choose the connection used for internet access (typically. AirPort or ethernet), select Advanced, choose the DNS tab, and compare against a list of rogue IP addresses.

How to Remove DNS Changer virus?

It is always suggested that you need to consult a highly regarded computer professional for help before taking any radical steps to repair a machine that is infected with a computer virus. Some DNSChanger removal tools have been provided online for download. You can download free virus scan and removal software at www.dcwg.org/fix/. Otherwise, you can back up important data on your computer and then clean the hard drive and reformat it. But remember, if you do not back up your files to a separate drive in this process, then you will lose them because all the files on a drive clean out by reformatting. After reformatting, you also need to reinstall your applications and operating system.

FBI has provided a separate helpline form to remove this DNS changer malware from your PC. You need to fill-up the form at forms.fbi.gov/dnsmalware. As you fill-up the form, you will get information about how to get rid of the DNS malware from your PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Mac OS. Enter in the internet service provider column, whether you are using BSNL broadband or Airtel broadband or any broadband you use.

To remove DNSChanger Malware from Windows OS:

You should download Avira DNS Repair software available on the internet to remove the DNS changer virus from any version of Windows OS. After downloading that Exe file, you need to click on it twice to install. This will mechanically repair your difficulty. To download Avira DNS Repair software, visit avira-dns-repair-tool.en.softonic.com.

To remove DNSChanger Malware from Mac OS:

To remove this virus from your PC, special software, DNSChanger Removal Tool, has also got by MAC. This tool is available for free on the internet. To download DNSChanger Removal Tool software, visit download.cnet.com. This software is well-suited only for Mac OS.


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