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People prefer placing the surveillance cameras in strategic locations at their home and business entities to safeguard their assets or to keep an eye. These cameras come in various sizes with different technologies. They can be mounted on ceilings, stands, walls or can be placed on shelves or bookcases.

Depending on the area you want to cover and the purpose, you need to select the surveillance system. You can have a Hikvision backdoor password protected camera or several cameras that are placed at various locations independently, but work in tandem to capture video.

Let us see how the two most common systems work.

Analog Surveillance Systems

Analog Surveillance Systems

Here the cameras are connected to DVR (Digital Video Recorder). They are basic ones having a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip, lens and a casing. The camera is connected to DVR, which actually is the heart of the system using transmission cables. It is solely responsible for everything like motion detection, notifications, schedules, alarm inputs etc. So, the recorder receives the footage from the camera and stores it on the hard drive in compressed form. Most of the DVRs are also capable of converting the analog video to digital format, which can then be streamed over the internet.

If you use this type of system for surveillance, it costs pretty reasonable as the cameras are simple and all the grunt work is done by a single entity, which is the DVR.

IP Surveillance Systems

IP Surveillance Systems

This is a better technology in the sense that each camera deployed here does the job that a DVR does in analog system. Thus, the IP camera that is installed in this system compresses the video, converts it to digital format and then streams over the Ethernet. The IP cameras are connected to Network Video Recorder (NVR) and many IP cameras can be connected to a single network. They have better resolutions and hence zooming up on a particular spot doesn’t blur the picture.

Though the technology is no doubt superior, it requires more of bandwidth and storage. Again, as each camera acts as DVR in itself, it is expensive.

In either case, the surveillance cameras send footage back to the monitor where you can see it.

Now that you understand how security cameras work, you would also have got an idea of how beneficial it can be for enhancing security. If you feel even the slightest pang of anxiety about security after leaving your home, don’t give a second thought about getting one installed.


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