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Hidden Features of Facebook Perhaps You Don’t Know

Facebook, one of the fastest growing social networking sites, makes up a quarter of the world’s Web traffic. It is the most popular website on the internet with millions of users. It seems like each and every common man, business person, and even their dogs have a Facebook account. People spend a lot of time on Facebook, but amazingly many of its users are not aware of the hidden features offered by Facebook. Below are some Hidden Features of Facebook that will help the users in giving a better understanding.

Hidden Features of Facebook Perhaps You Don't Know

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Message Forwarding

Generally, when we want to share messages with different people, we just copy and paste the messages. It can be quite difficult and tiring sometimes, but forwarding a message will be much easier than that. Luckily, Facebook has come up with the ‘Message Forwarding’ feature that allows its users to easily share any part of a conversation. To forward a message, open the desired conversation which you want to share. Then, just go to actions and click on the Forward option, here, you will be prompted to select the messages which you want to send. Now, just by clicking on the “Forward” button your message gets shared. The process is quite simple. But, always note that before forwarding the message, you should get permission from the other person whose message you want to share.

Hidden Feature of Facebook Profile “View As…”

Have you made any changes to your Facebook profile recently? Have you ever wondered how your Facebook profile appears to the public eye? Then, try out the “View As…” feature of Facebook. Click on a small gear-shaped (Activity Log) button underneath the bottom right corner of the cover photo. A menu box appears with a “View As…” option. By clicking on that particular option, you can make appropriate changes to your profile.

Contact Lists

Facebook makes it very simple to organize your friends. Many of the users have connections with people of different aspects like from family, school, work, church, different organizations, etc, but sometimes when we go through the newsfeed posted by one of these friends, we stop and ask ourselves, who is this person? This alone becomes a reason to organize the contacts lists. To make contact lists just click on the ‘Friends’ tab at the left sidebar. A list displaying close friends, acquaintances, family, etc appears and you can select any of the options to include them in your contact list. You can also make your own custom list, by clicking on the ‘Create List’ and adding the people whom you want to include in your contact list.

Hidden Feature or Facebook College-Specific Groups

Earlier, Facebook was launched only for the college students and the users needed an EDU email address to make a Facebook account. Later, when Facebook was launched for all, this feature just disappeared. But now, Facebook is back with that feature again to make your college and Facebook experience better. To check whether your college group has already been created on Facebook, just click on Groups for Schools option. Facebook detects which college you belonged on the basis of your EDU email that had been registered by you earlier. To avail of this facility, just add an EDU email address to your contact information and Facebook will take care of the rest. It’s a great way to interact with your fellow students.

Controlling Posts You’re Tagged In

At times, when your friend might tag a terrible photo of yours and you just feel embarrassed. Do not need to worry anymore as Facebook’s new hidden feature can control your friend from tagging your photo. Just like any other privacy and security settings, the tagging control can be accessed through ‘Privacy Settings’. Once you click on the privacy settings, select custom and then click on the Edit Settings link near the Timeline and Tagging section. A window, featuring several settings, appears in front of you. In the third line, you can turn ‘on’ the option that shows ‘review posts that friends tag you in before it appears on your timeline’ and also turns ‘on’ the option that appears on the fifth line. These settings can be beneficial if you have categorized your friends into the lists.


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