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Google Chrome Not Opening – Fix Chrome Won’t Open in Windows

It is one of the most popular and fastest web browsers. From here, we can browse, download, stream, and do a lot of works. But, sometimes we are facing the problem of Google Chrome not opening you tried a lot to fix it but unable to do so. You can use any other browser as well, but if you are a lover of this browser, no wonder that you’ll prefer to fix the issue instead of shifting to any other browser.

To get rid of Google Chrome not opening issue, it is suggested first to try some basic steps. Usually, these methods resolve the problem, so first check whether you tried these or not?

  • Go to the task manager and kill the chrome process
  • Run malware scan to detect if there is any bug
  • Rebooted system twice or thrice at least
  • Reset the browser
  • Uninstall and reinstall the web browser

Hopefully, after doing all these steps, your issue may resolve. However, if still, you’re facing the same problem, then it may be because your browser is affected with any malware, or maybe there is any program installed in your system which is restricting application to launch. It may be any antivirus, firewall, third party application, etc.

In these cases, ownership got changed, and you cannot access it with your user account. As per the browser’s support page, it may cause because of 3 programs i.e., Comodo firewall, spyware doctor, McAfee enterprise. If you are having any issue with these, then you have to disable and uninstall them. Also, make sure to create an exception for this particular application. Your concern will be fixed, but if still not resolved, then follow the below methods to solve.

Ways to resolve Google Chrome Not Opening

There are several methods we can use to resolve the issue, but steps to be taken care of depending on the reason for the problem. So let’s start with the necessary steps:

Primary remedy – Kill Chrome process from task manager


  • Open task manager and kill every process having this browser’s name
  • Reboot the system and check if it is working or not if working then it’s okay. If not working then move forward for the next step
  • Do you have any different user account in your system, then login with that account and check it is working or not. If it is working with another account, it means there is an issue with your account. Then focus on fixing your account issue.

But, there may be a case that browser is not working with another account as well, which means Chrome is having a problem that needs to fix. In that case, before going for any new troubleshooting step, we have to look for the resolution is given by the support page that might be ownership is not affected. If this is the reason, then we have to take action to get the ownership back from the same user account. Follow the instructions to do so:

The resolution suggested any Google Chrome Chrome won’t open

  • Go to the Google Chrome icon on the desktop, right-click on it, and open File location.
  • Now create a new Shortcut of application on the desktop.
  • Right-click on the new shortcut
  • Open Properties
  • Click on Security button > Advance
  • Now, a new window of Advanced Security Settings will be opened
  • Click on Change option given on owner section
  • A new window will open here, now select User or Group
  • Type your user name and computer name and click on Ok button
  • Now, go to the Advanced Settings and click on Effective Access tab > Select a User
  • Type here again User name and Computer name on Check Names tab> Ok
  • Press Apply/Ok button on the Advance Security settings window.
  • Save all the changes you made in shortcuts.
  • Open the browser to check if it is fixed or not. And restart the computer before using it again.
  • Delete old shortcuts from the Start menu and taskbar and replace it with a new one.

Now, you have done the basic remedy and tried the things suggested by the support page as well, and let say if the problem is not resolved, then there are some more remedies you should try.

  1. Remove all the latest updates to resolve Google Chrome won’t open

The best part of this browser is that it used to update itself automatically, but sometimes the updated version may create some issue. So to remove this:

  • Go to the C drive> program files> Google> chrome> applications
  • If you are getting two versions of the application, it means recently it is updated
  • Now, here we have to open both the versions to check which one is having less number of the file.
  • If the old one is having less number of files, then copy the remaining files from the new version and paste it on the old version
  • Now, try to open the browser and check if it is working or not
  1. Remove Chrome.dll file to resolve Google Chrome won’t open

Cheome.dll file is a file that is having all the settings related to the application, and if it is not responding, then a lot of time after deleting this file issue is being fixed. To do:

  • Open C:\Program\Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
  • Open Chrome old version folder
  • Find and delete Chrome.dll file
  • After deleting the DLL file, all the old setting will be removed
  1. Check and fix compatibility issue to resolve Chrome won’t Open Windows 10

Let say earlier you were using Windows 7, 8, or any other version, and recently you update it in Windows 10, and you are facing the issue. Then it may be a compatibility issue with the installer. To fix this issue:

  • Go to the browser’s shortcut on the right screen click on the shortcut and click on Properties
  • Click n Compatibility button
  • Untick, the box stated, “Run this program in compatibility mode.”
  • Hit Apply/ok button
  • In some cases, the button is already unticked, then you have to tick on that and click on apply to check if the problem is resolved or not. Both things may work in different cases.
  1. Turning off antivirus and firewalls to resolve Google Chrome Not Opening

Sometimes firewalls and antivirus may block or restrict specific actions taken by the system. So, if you have any firewall or antivirus installed in your system, then it is suggested to turn them off completely and create and exception for firewall settings of the application to resolve your concern. Follow steps to turn them off:

  • Go to the control panel and open Windows Firewall
  • Click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall
  • Now, browser the Chrome.exe from C:\PROGRAM\FILES\CHROME\APPLICATION and add an exception
  • Tick the Private option for Chrome.exe
  1. Use Google Chrome offline installer to resolve Chrome won’t open.

  • Check the Firefox and Ede browsers if they are working or not. If they are working, then you have to check it in safe mode. It is suggested to Boot the application in safe mode and check if you are able to open it or won’t open.
  • If it is working In safe mode, it means that there is an issue in windows service. So you have to find out the responsible service for the problem.
  • But, in case if it is not working in safe mode as well, it means the browser might be corrupted or not correctly installed. So it is suggested to uninstall the browser from Programs and features and make sure to delete all the related files from AppData.
  • Now, download the Google Chrome offline Uninstaller to install it offline and install it in normal mode.
  1. Cleanup the Google Chrome to resolve Google Chrome Not Opening

  • Download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from any other browser
  • Open the downloaded tool
  • It is to inform you that this is a flash scanner to scan the suspicious program to reset the settings. And it will also not going to install in your system like any other application, so you have to navigate where it is saved after download.
  • Use this tool to scan and clean up the defaulter program
  • If there is any such program remove it immediately
  • If it is not finding any defaulter program, then click on Continue option
  • This tools will try to open and reset Chrome settings
  • At last, Reboot your system and check it is working or not.
  1. Create New user file to fix Corrupt user File to resolve Chrome won’t open

Usually, the experts suggested that if Chrome won’t open also it is not showing any error code, then it may be a reason that your current user file id been corrupted. In that case, you can create a new user file to get rid of this issue. Follow steps to do so:

  • Open Run and type %localappdata% and press Enter button
  • You will be redirected to the AppData page
  • Search the Default folder in User Data Folder
  • Rename this folder
  • Restart your computer without opening Google Chrome
  • Now, try to open Chrome and check if the issue is resolved or not
  • Now, Chrome will create a new User Profile with the same name, which you choose to rename it.
  1. Restore the system to fix Google Chrome Not Opening

If you remember the date when your Chrome was working correctly, then you can also try with system restore. It will revert to your system at the same time when it was working fine. It will also install all the latest downloads and updates

  • Open Run and type “rstrui.exe” and press Ok button
  • Now, inside system restore option to look for the latest restore points when Chrome was working perfectly
  • Select same date and time and click on Next tab
  • If you are lucky enough system restore will resolve your issue Google Chrome not opening
  • But, remember restore will remove all the recent updates and download so to take a backup of all such programs which you want to keep safe.

If you are done with all the methods and your issue is still not resolved, then it is suggested to contact and tech expert or the customer support team of Chrome to resolve the issue. To connect customer service, visit the official website of Google Chrome and scroll at the end. Go to the support there; you can get the email id or toll-free number.


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