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GetHuman.com: Don’t Wait on Hold while calling Customer care

Hold up for a ridiculous amount of time frustrates many people when they call at the company’s customer service number. Inefficient customer executives can not understand the customer side story and they put customer calls on hold for avoiding themselves from customer’s queries. In this case, people have to spend their most valuable time waiting on hold that they can productively use anywhere else. If you frequently waste too much time on hold or for listening unrelated options to your problem, then huge time-saver “GetHuman.com” could be your best solution as it has all these customer services, shortcuts, and phone numbers to make your company service call fast and quick. With this service, you don’t need to wait on hold when you make a call for the customer service center, as it is equipped with the fastest phone numbers, live chat options, call-back services, email addresses, reviews for more than 8000 companies.


Time has arrived to tell frustrated consumers for dialing the right number to reach any customer service department of hundreds of companies over 50 countries. GetHuman.com has the world’s largest database based on numerous companies’ customer service information. Looking for company phone numbers is a matter of the past; now at GetHuman.com, you can search the fastest phone numbers as well as the option to chat with companies or to have the company call. It serves both customers, those who want to reach the company’s customer service center or other ones who are frustrated by the service of customer service center. It was established in 2005 as a record of a large company’s phone number and shortcuts through the phone network to a human being.

This ultimate tool can be accessed on the web, as well as with internet-connected phones, iPhone, and Android. Here, customers can get data about the rate of the phone call to a particular company, directory of phone numbers as well as they can find reviews and tips for getting exact information about phone calls. They are also provided with information about the average wait time of the phone call to a company. Through this medium, you can contact at traveling service providers, Airlines, Gear and Clothing Stores, car rental agencies, and more. It also becomes most helpful to reach dozens of banks, health and life insurance companies, credit card companies and other businesses.

No need for registration to get started the service of GetHuman. Here, you can find the best phone numbers for thousands of companies just by entering the name of the company, product, and organization. Each phone number is available with hours of service, quality ratings, and communication ratings which are given by the customer on the basis of quality, communication, and wait time. With the best phone numbers, you don’t need to wait on hold any longer than you have usually.

Many companies provide a call back service to reach their valued customers. At GetHuman, you can search for companies that offer call back service. If the call back service is offered by the company then it will display with the orange button. It gives complete details about how the company calls you back instead of waiting on hold. No more waiting on hold, as you can get a response in a few minutes with call back service.

We all know that chat can be faster than calling so that many people prefer to contact the customer center via chat. Often, there are agents to chat 24×7 days, even when phone lines are busy. If you don’t want to talk aloud on the phone, then chat with customer service is best for you. Each company is given complete contact details whether they offer online chat service, phone service, and call back service or not, so you can immediately contact the company using the most convenient service.

Companies have many emails and Gethuman provides you the best corporate and executive email addresses to contact them without spending too much time. It also gives predicated response times and customer ratings for each email address.

Social media becomes more helpful and popular nowadays so that many companies support their customer via most famous social networks like Twitter or Facebook. GetHuman also tracks companies that offer customers support via twitter or Facebook page. No need to limit yourself to phone call customer service only, because the list of options is waiting for you at GetHuman.com. With the click of the mouse, you can get companies to contact details with a clear and effective view.

Customers rankings become most helpful to those who are going to contact the company service center for the first time because it gives clear cut information about the service that is more beneficial to contact the company immediately. You can find contact details either with separate or combined contact options. Popular contact info searches and recently viewed contact info can be accessed at the bottom of the page. This also allows users to share their known company contact details. You can share your customer service experience by giving ratings on an appropriate page of the company.

GetHuman.com Good points:

  • No more waiting on hold while calling Customer care
  • Give best phone numbers for Thousands of Companies
  • Shortcuts through the Phone networks
  • You can get details about call-back, email, online chat, and social media service options
  • Each contact is available with quality ratings, communication ratings, hours of service and more
  • Give contact details for 8000+ companies
  • You can get corporate and executive email addresses for best email support
  • Find phone numbers and contact info either with the company, product or service name
  • Share your customer service experience by giving ratings



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