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Fix WerFault.exe Application Error in Windows

The WerFault.exe is associated with reporting the Windows application Error. As you get the errors related to the operating system and any feature of windows or an application error, it would be reported by Microsoft. You will come across a lot of information, which can be a solution, and one can try to fix this problem, especially on Windows 7 & Windows 10.

The pop-up error message may appear like this. Note the detailed information will be different in different cases.

The error mostly occurs in opening programs. If you get this error with a specific program, contact their vendor for further assistance, as this could be a bug in the software. If you get this error with some or all applications, try solutions below.

Solution 1: Disable Windows Error Reporting Service

Follow these steps:

1. Click on Windows Key and R key simultaneously, and you will get a RUN dialogue box.

2. In the Run Box, you can type services.msc and hit the OK button


3. As you find the Windows Error Reporting Service, you can select properties by double-clicking on this option.


4. In the General tab, set “Startup type” as Disabled and click on Apply then OK buttons

Solution 2: Disable Any Antivirus Software

Some antivirus software can cause the error. If you have installed antivirus software, disable them and see if the problem persists. If the problem is still there, uninstalling them can fix the concern.

Solution3: Update Drivers

The error can be caused by faulty drivers, especially wrong display drivers. Try updating the drivers and see if this will fix the werfault.exe error.

In some cases, when you don’t have the technical efficiency and skills. In order to fix the problem, you can use the software for an automatic fix.

One of the software that can be used to fix the problem is Driver Easy.

You don’t need to have the information about the computer system. So it is not required for you to know, but Driver are downloading and getting installed on your computer.

In this case, you can get your system to recognize or find appropriate drivers. 

And do not have to worry about making any mistake while downloading these drivers.

When you access Driver Easy, you will have an option to use either the FREE or the PRO Version. Below are some of the steps one can follow. 

Click on the software Driver Easy in order to download and install the software.

In order to scan the computer and detect driver problem, you can click the option SCAN NOW.


Once the current version of the software is installed, you can choose the UPDATE option to update all drivers that are missing or outdated.

Werfault.exe Error in Windows 10 Application Software?

When you are using Windows 10 software on your computer usually you end up getting an error while using multiple applications at the same time. In order to go through the resolution for the problem of WerFault.exe, there are various ways to fix the error:

WerFault.exe is a file that is built-in the system of the Windows. It’s an application which is executable and below is some of the possible ways with which we can to fix the error and related windows issues:

The windows errors are reported periodically, and there is an automated collection platform where logs are submitted as are generated by the system as WerSvc. It runs in the background and keeps track of any error, and the user has the ability to decide whether to send the same to Microsoft or Not.

When the error happens to initiate, the problem with the device may collect the error data report, and it may fail with the error. When you see that the werfault.exe application error fails with an error that the memory can’t be written, one can click OK to terminate.

Usually, whenever one gets this error, it may be the case with the process being not able to collect the data and terminated abnormally. Often a user can directly go to delete the file. However, a user can’t delete the file of Werfault.exe as it’s a system file hence can’t stop the error from appearing.


When the problem associates with Werfault.exe, appear once in a blue moon can be ignored. However, if the error is popping up constantly can be a matter of concern and needs to be fixed. This has to be taken care of immediately as this can lead to high CPU usage. Hence the problem Has to be taken care of the priority as high system usage can be a critical problem associated with a lot of other issues in the computer while dealing with your daily stuff on the device.

One would have to find out first the problem associated with the occurrence of the error WerFault.exe.

Sometimes the library can be a concern as this can be damaged. You can use various commands to check the same.
Go to the CMD and type sfc/scan now and then go to DISM through to online for cleanup-image and then to restore health. IF there are any damaged files same would be automatically repaired as the process moves through these steps. One can also go a step further by verifying the RAM for any problem. Sometimes damage can be a matter of concern. In this case, a memory test can be a useful tool in order to find the problem in RAM and get the resolution. However, in some cases turning off the notification for the error in Windows error reporting can help but will fix the problem, not the cause.

One can go through the service management console and in the error reporting service, trace the werfault.exe error and, with the feature of properties, stop the service. To prevent the service, one can change the Start-up Type to Disable. Click on the Save option to save changes. Once you are able to save changes, one can restart the computer.


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