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Mozilla Firefox Not Responding Windows 10 & 7 Error Fix

Mozilla Firefox is one of the highly used and most popular browsers in all around the world after Google Chrome and Safari. Its excellent functionality and designing is the reason behind its popularity. It is allowing us a lot of useful plug-ins. Instead of a lot of plus points, it is also vulnerable, and sometimes it may lead to a lot of problems like Mozilla not responding windows 7, Firefox not responding windows 10, etc.

Sometimes while working on it, we get a lot of troubles because the browser is malfunctioning, it won’t allow us to open at all or to take too much time to open. This can be frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry or engaged in some urgent work. Many of us are not aware of why this is happening or how to fix the issue. Here, we’ll discuss how to fix it when Mozilla is not responding.

Primary Reasons for Firefox Not Responding

Before understanding how to resolve it is compulsory to know why it is not responding because only after knowing the root cause, it is possible to fix it effectively. There are many reasons for the browser not responding, crashing or freezing. Let’s discuss the most common causes:

  • In case we set up read-only permission to the Firefox folder, it will never allow you to access to create files. In many cases, this may cause a browser not to respond, but we can fix it by creating a new user profile.
  • If there is any unreliable or malicious plug-in added, it can make the browser unstable because too many running extension consumes more RAM which slows down the browser.
  • Any corrupt or obstructive file saved in Firefox cache or installation folder
  • If there are too many software, convertors opened and running in the background.
  • Excessive CPU uses may be a big reason for malfunctioning, etc.
  • Because of corrupt place system
  • Big size of download history
  • Abnormal shutdown on the browser.

How to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding issues?


Here we will discuss some most effective troubleshooting methods for Firefox not responding:

Refresh Mozilla 

This is an essential step we have to do to make it work “refresh Firefox” in the browser. To do so follow steps:

  • Click on the three horizontal lines the click help button
  • Choose troubleshooting information
  • Refresh the Firefox tab is available on the top right corner, click on that tab.

Delete download history 

  • Switch on your connected device.
  • Open Mozilla
  • Click on clear download to delete the history.
  • Select the download folders and move it to any other location.
  • Click on settings to select privacy and history option in the browser.

In this way, you can run the browser smoothly, or you can also run it safe manner by closing all the opened tab. You can also download the latest version of Adobe Flash to run it smoothly.

Remove corrupt places system from Mozilla

  • On the right corner, click on the open menu.
  • Then click on help> troubleshooting information.
  • Select the open folder inside Application Basics; it will open your profile.
  • Exit from Firefox.
  • In the profile, we have to select two files places.sqlite-general and place.sqlite.
  • We have replaced both with places.sqlite.old and places.sqlite-general.old respectively.
  • Now restart the browser.

Abnormal shutdown of Mozilla Firefox not responding issue

Most of the time we face problems while opening Mozilla but it is showing the browser is already opened, now here we have to delete Mozilla from the memory of the computer. Follow steps:

  • Right-click on the taskbar of the screen.
  • Click on task manager.
  • Select running Firefox files and click on end task.
  • Now reopen the Mozilla.

How to fix Firefox not responding windows 10/ Mozilla Firefox not responding windows 7?

The first and best way is to restart the browser. Close the entire task from the task manager and then restart the windows 10 system. There are some other things we can do if Mozilla Firefox is not responding to windows 10. For better response, we should also update the graphic card driver

  1. Click search icon
  2. type device manager
  3. display adapters option
  4. Click on each entry and select update driver software

Check if you have the right permission

If the browser is not responding, it may be because of the profile holder’s right permission.

  • Look at the search window available at the taskbar.
  • Type run and press the item in the search result.
  • Type APPDATA%\mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in the text box and click ok.
  • Firefox profile window will open.
  • Go back to the previous folder> click profiles folders then click right.
  • Click properties given in the bottom.
  • Now you will be redirected to the General tab.
  • Untick the read-only box.
  • Restart computers and restart browser. Your problem will be resolved.

Disable hardware acceleration
In the latest version of Firefox hardware acceleration is turned on by default. To disable hardware acceleration:

  • Open Firefox> go the menu icon
  • Find Options and click it.
  • Navigate general icon
  • Scroll down to trace Performance section
  • Untick Use Recommended Performance settings.
  • Untick Use Hardware Acceleration when available.

Remove duplicate Firefox Session Restore Files

An unresponsive browser caused because of duplicate copies of sessions restore files. To remove duplicate files:

  • Click Firefox menu
  • Select help and choose troubleshooting information.
  • Click the open folder button
  • Close the browser and step back to the profile folder.
  • Search copies of sessionstore.jsand delete all of them.

So in this article, we have discussed the issues and significant causes of Mozilla Firefox not responding in windows 7 or 10 and what the steps to rectify these issues. By following the appropriate method, hopefully, you will be able to resolve the concern. However, still, if you need any assistance, you can take the help of tech professionals or click on the support given on the bottom of the browser page.



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