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Firefox Keeps Freezing Issue: How to Fix

Firefox- An Overview

Mozilla Firefox is a leading web browser just like UC Browser, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. In fact, it is the second-highest used browsers in the allover world. It is popular in users because of its advance aspects and features. But with a lot of compliments, it is also having some issues, and the most common problem is Firefox freezes, or Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing. But, there is nothing to worry about because this search engine is also a part of technology running on the internet, and we all know that technology can be stuck sometimes, but there is always a solution. So, here we will discuss the remedies of Mozilla keeps freezing.

A Quick History of this Search Engine

This browser came into know by the Mozilla Corporation and the group in the year 2002. It is written in different high-tech languages like C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, etc. anyone can access it throughout the world in any device, no matter if you are an android user, IOS, Windows, etc. It is a search engine online portal. But it runs in a condition if your device has a good internet connection.

What are the major causes of Firefox keeps freezing issue?

  • Firefox freezes if your device has any spam folder
  • It keeps freezing when it is not updated
  • It freezes if there is any online traffic
  • Keeps freezing when we try to visit and private or particular website
  • It keeps freezing during data transformation
  • If the cache and cookies are not clear
  • If we are watching video from any unauthorized website
  • Because of setting configuration
  • Sometimes while copy-pasting and saving of any data
  • IF your windows version is not updated
  • Wrong proxy settings
  • Corrupt window registry
  • Corrupt user profile
  • While uploading or downloading an inappropriate stuff
  • Inappropriate browser themes, etc.

How to deal with the issue Firefox Keeps Freezing?



As we have different causes for Firefox freezes, in the same way, there’s a different solution for a separate issue. Let’s see each of them one by one:

Disable the automatic update

  • If automatic update is enabled in your devices, it may lead to a lot of hurdles and confusions in the smooth running of the browser. Follow the step to enable this setting:
  • Open Mozilla icon
  • Click on the tools option available on the topmost section
  • Select “Add-ons” from the given tools
  • Now it will redirect you to the “options.”
  • Click on Advanced tab given on the topmost right side of the screen
  • Click on the update tab
  • Now “check for update, but let me choose whether to install them.”
  • Now click on ok for final submission.

Remove extra Add-ons from Firefox

An incompatible and outdated version of Add-ons may freeze Firefox. So we have to disable on those add-ons:

  • Open Mozilla Icon
  • When browser loads successfully, click on Tools given on top
  • Then select Add ons from the provided tools
  • Now you’ll come to the Tools Manager screen
  • Click on Extensions, moving forward click on Next.
  • Then scroll down and click on Remove / Disable Add-ons from there. But while removing, make sure to remove which is not relevant for you in any vital program.
  • Restart or refresh your browser before using it.

Fix incompatible browser theme to resolve Firefox keeps freezing

These are mostly designed for any particular version of the browser. So if you are using an updated version and theme is compatible with the old version or vice version it may cause issues of Firefox freezes. So we have to disable the theme to resolve this problem. Follow the step to disable:

  • Open the Mozilla Mozilla icon on the desktop
  • When it’s opened successfully, click on Tools given on topmost
  • Then open Add-ons from the tools.
  • Now go to the Add-ons Manager window
  • Select appearance option there
  • Then click on the default option on the ensuing screen and enable it.
  • Now to ensure the change done, restart your computer.

Check incorrect proxy settings to fix Firefox Freezes

  • Open browser Icon desktop
  • Click on Tools option and then select Add-ons from the consequent tools.
  • Now you’ll be redirected to Options
  • Click on Advanced tab
  • Now, click on Network and select Settings option given under Connections head.
  • Inside connections settings, there is a dialogue box, make sure there is no proxy
  • Now click on the ok button for final submission.

Get rid of corrupt Windows registry to resolve Firefox keeps freezing

One of the most pertinent causes of Firefox keeps freezing is a corrupt Windows registry. This issue majorly caused because of the installation and uninstallation of programs. Now we have to declutter it by cleaning the registry. For that, we have to scan the registry and remove it by clearing tools. Advanced System Repair Pro is one such program.

Delete internet browsing history and refresh to fix Firefox keeps freezing

Corrupted browsing history may cause Firefox freezes. Here we have to delete all the cache, cookies and history of previous data and start again

  • Open Firefox browser in windows
  • Click on Tools> clear recent history
  • You’ll be redirected to Clear all history dialog box
  • Tick all the boxes having history, cookies, and cache
  • Click the Clear now button to delete.
  • Restart browser.

Steps to solve Firefox keeps freezing on Windows 10

  • Remove unnecessary data, clear cache, cookies, history
  • Clear download or change the location of download folders.
  • Delete history to switch it in Privacy and History to run smoothly
  • Run Firefox in safe mode by closing all the running tab and start in again.
  • Update the new version of Adobe Flash to resolve the issue of Firefox freezes.

Steps to solve Firefox keeps freezing issue in Windows 7

  • Open Firefox icon the Windows screen
  • Click on Tools
  • Select Advanced tab>General
  • Disable checkbox of hardware acceleration
  • Close Firefox and restart.

All the above mentioned are self-help remedies, but still, if you are facing issues of Firefox keeps freezing or Firefox freezes then call or text to the customer support team of Firefox or drop a mail, or you can also visit their official website for support.



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