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No Operating System Found | Fix Error Code 1962

Error 1962: No Operating System Found:

When you come across the Error 1962: No operating system found, you are specifically referring to the problem on the computer, which is Lenovo. Primarily this is a specific error linked to a particular type of computer. There are a lot of programs that a user can use to fix the problem. Some of the software that a user can sue is the RESTORE PC Repair Tool. When it comes to the use of the software, this will help you to fix a lot of problems linked to the computers, primarily common computer errors and loss of important files. When it comes to the PC optimization and the issues with the PC like performance and virus.

This is a highly recommended toll on the various websites that the user can use by following the different recommended steps given below:

  • Go to the Start Scan option and identify the Windows issues, which can be the reason for PC problems.
    Choose the option Repair All with this, and you will be able to fix problems linked to all unwanted applications and patented technologies.
  • As you Lenovo PC user, so it is highly prominent that get an error 1962 because of the connected boot sequence, which fails, as the PC fails to start up.
  • This problem is in link to Lenovo computer as the Error 1962 shows up on an affected computer with “No Operating System Found.”
    However, when you are on Lenovo PC and get to face this Error it is because of the intervals that are not permanent and sometimes can occur in a few hours or some days.

Troubleshoot “No Operating System Found” Error

There are multiple reports from the user when they encounter these errors some users are reporting to face issues with the hard drive as they cannot see their hard drive when they access the BIOS while others can access the hard drive and not the BIOS.

To implement the step, it can require a user to wait for the LENOVO to normally boot as it may take hours before it usually boots.
In most advanced studies, it is found that the Error 1962 is linked to the hard disk drive is faulty or corruption in windows startup, which can link to errors in startup and the incorrect setting configuration of the BIOS. Below are some possible steps that a user can follow to fix the problem.



No Operating System Found
When you are using Windows 10 on your computer, we highly recommend using the Startup repair feature of Windows to fix the Error 1962. There are possibilities that even the startup has corruption because of the irregularities when you are streaming from the Windows Installation.

With this step, one can go back to the earlier time and access the point of Restore. With this, you can get access to install a new app, and restore windows manually and proceed with driver updates.
In the day to day restoration, there are series of steps that we follow will not impact the files or remove any apps, and when the drivers or updates that you install with which it creates a restoration point

Below are some possible steps to follow to restore the System from the point generated.

1. Go the Start option and right-click on the same.
2. Choose the control panel option.
3. Use the control panel to access Recovery.
4. Go for the Recovery with the help of the search option.
5. Choose to open the System Restore.
6.   Select the option “Next.” Identify the Restore point liked to the problem-causing app, hit the update, and choose “Next to Finish.”

In case you are not able to access restore points, it becomes necessary to follow the below steps when the system protection is not working.

  • Go to the Start and right-click on it.
  • Choose Control.
  • Find the Recovery Option.
  • And select Recovery.
  • Edit the System Restore to configure
  • Choose the configure option
  • Click and choose to turn on the system security setting.


Below are steps which a user can follow to change the BOOT PRIORITY:

  • In case you get the Error 1962, which can link itself to no operating system error in the computer, you can click on the CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to reboot the PC.
  • When you start to boot the device, it is an excellent recommendation to tap the F12 Key as you get the BIOS setup. Once you are on the Setup box, you will have to hit Enter.
  • Go to the “Startup” tab” >choose the CSM, and then you need to select the “Enter” key > and choose the option the “Enabled.”
  • For the list of the option, you need to choose “Boot Priority” and choose the “Enter” key and as you move to change the option from the Legacy First to UEFI.
  • You need to click on the F10 Key and then select the option “YES.” Once you complete the step, wait for the PC to Reboot.
  • As you can reboot your computer, you will see the error message is gone.

Fix the Error 1962No Operating System Found

You can start by running the scan and find the Error, which may be causing the problem and is linked to the issue for the computer working slow. Once the scan is over, you can choose and repair the damaged files, and with this, you will start with a clean system from these files and components.
When you run the System restore, it requires the user to make sure you are in safe mode. It is a secure mode with the diagnostic capability and starts with the limited ability, which is on a few necessary files and drivers running.

As you see the image, you will see an option to follow the prompt to revert to a specific restore point.
As you move through the process, you need to wait for some time and then reboot the computer.
You need to identify the prominent restore point which is available before you started facing the problem and choose the same to get rid of the Error. You should note this will not impact your system files and data.


If you have tried all the possible solutions mentioned above and are still facing the issue, you are left with the only option of replacing the HDD. The prominent reason is that the hard drive is faulty. As you encounter this issue, it is essential to take care of your file which you can do by attaching the hard drive to a new computer and access the files and folders and verify it can boot from hard drive
In case the new PC is now able to boot from HDD, it is time to replace your HDD. IN case the computer can boot from the HDD, it is an issue with the SATA cable in that case. This is a cable that connects the HDD to the motherboard. In that case, you are left with the only option to replace it, and it is vital to get support from the technician who can help you with setting it up correctly.

Hence these are all the prominent solutions that one can use to fix the Error 1962” No Operating System found”
This problem is a specific error found on the Lenovo computer and to fix the problem linked to the Lenovo computer. So it is a particular error that can occur on the Lenovo computer. The 4 necessary steps that we have discussed above, if followed correctly, will help you to identify the real cause of the problem and fix it with the prominent resolution.