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It’s a common requirement of most apps which require data to become saved in your area to incorporate a backend so the same data might be distributed to other users as well as synchronized between devices. It takes a lot of time for you to build the backend and a few requires some sources too. Fortunately, there are many platforms that offer ready-made customizable backend you are able to integrate together with your apps. ‘Backend like a Service’, or BaaS.

Backend like a Service provides diverse services in a single package and merely not provide backend cloud storage just for your computer data, but offer different services including push notifications, analytics, social site integration and so on.

The BaaS platform is definitely scalable and may handle countless number of users and something could make a variety of changes for your application’s functionality as well as simple to alter the dashboard.

BaaS Some disadvantages

BaaS – Some disadvantages
But use of BaaS is known to become costly. While the majority of the services offer free packages, but things can all of a sudden turn pricey for that enterprise with a lot of users. You will even experience vendor lock-in and even need to quit a few of the features if you go searching for among the platforms.

The dependence of the application around the third-party BaaS platform is a big disadvantage. There can be some changes to the service and you will have to accept them or search for another solution. Moving your computer data to a different provider in situation of shutdown and also to construct your own backend, are huge hassles too.

Parse – a more sensible choice!

Parse a more sensible choice
Many providers have finally chosen Parse to supply the needed backend for iOS applications. Building a credit card applicatoin with Parse is preferable to every other BaaS platform and something can apply it user registration, authentication and user data storage.

Parse can also be very common as a Backend like a Service platform. The service offers three diverse products in a single incredible package including Parse Core, Parse Push and Parse Analytics.

Parse Core is aimed to deal with data saving and social networking integration helping developers to create code to operate within the cloud thus delivering custom server-side logic.

Parse Push is renowned for delivering push notifications and something can personalize, schedule and send push notifications to some select gang of users or all as needed.

Parse Analytics works well for app’s data tracking during installations, active users’ data, user retention information, push notification open rates and so on.


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