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Comcast Error RDK-03003 | Learn How to Fix on Xfinity?

Xfinity is a company that is providing the Comcast cable connections and internet services in the USA. It is mainly providing internet connections, wired TV, and wired phone services. They are providing connections for TV and the internet both they are ranked as number 1 in the USA. But, instead, it is one of the best service providers sometimes users are facings the issue of Comcast error RDK-03003. Whenever this issue comes us on the screen, they are unable to watch TV using Xfinity error, and no matter how many times they are refreshing the setup box, they won’t get any help. In today’s article, we will discuss what the meaning of this error is. Why is it coming, and how can we resolve it?

What is Comcast error RDK-03003 and when it appears?

Users are complaining that this issue comes up generally when they are about to stream their favorite serial, and that really makes them crazy and angry, and they want to rectify it asap. Whenever they are calling to customer care, they are taking too much time to send a technician to resolve it. We understand that nobody can wait for such long. So, it’s better to understand the cause of this issue so that we can try to resolve it ourselves. Let’s see the primary reasons of Comcast error RDK-03003:

  • The cache issue may make the connection unstable. Because usually, the app launch configurations and settings are saved in the router in the cache file. And cache accumulates the internet runs. And if the file or configuration gets damaged, it will cause an unstable connection and error will come on screen.
  • If the cache file is not damaged, but it is only corrupted then also you’ll lose the connection and error comes up on the screen.
  • Check If the power cables are not connected properly, or router and other devices are not getting the power, you not get attached and face the Comcast error RDK-03003.
  • If anyhow, the router and devices are connected to the power cable, but the voltage is low, you cannot connect. Sufficient energy is required for proper connection.

So, these were the most identified reasons for this issue. Now, we have discussed what we can do to get rid of it and what the ways to fix it are.

What are the methods to resolve Comcast error RDK-03003?


Restart the devices to fix Comcast Xfinity error

In most of the cases, we noticed that this error appears because the devices are not connected properly. So to fix this issue, we have to restart the devices, including TV router, and set up the box. Follow the steps to reinitiate devices:

  • Unplug the power cable from all the devices
  • Switch off the power button of your set up box and router. Now, plug in the wires back and switch them on.
  • Now within a few seconds, the devices will on. Check if the error is gone or not.

Check the loose cables to fix Comcast error RDK-03003

Sometimes it happens that the cables are connected but loosely and for one second they are getting power, and in the next second there is no power. This constant on-off situation of power may also reflect Comcast error RDK-03003. In that case, we have to fox all the loose cables. So you have to check all the related cable; there must not be any free cable if there is any fix it asap. Once all the wires are fixed, check if the issue is resolved or not. If settled, then enjoy, but if not, then there must be the low voltage issue.

Check the voltage to fix Comcast error RDK-03003

Low voltage means the cable are tightly connected, and the power button is also on. They are getting power, but that power is not sufficient to run the devices. An insufficient power backup may also cause Comcast error RDK-03003. In that case, you can try with changing the power socket, or if you are having any signal amplifier or stabilizer, you can also use it to get sufficient power backup. After that, you can check if the error is resolved or not.

So, we hope after doing all these hacks you Comcast error RDK-03003 will have vanished. Again you will be able to enjoy the TV serials, but if still the problem is not resolved, then might be there is a possibility that your hardware is facing some issue or damaged or there is some issue from the end of service providers.

Contact Comcast Xfinity Live Person

It is suggested to contact the customer service either on the toll-free number or in the application chatbox. You can also visit their official website to the complaint, or you can also write than mail. They will arrange a visit at your home with a technician who will resolve the Comcast error RXDK-03003 for sure. Though their services are quick but it may take some time, so be patient in that case.


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