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Err_Cache_Miss : Fix Chrome Cache Error

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and highly used web browsers all over the world. But, sometimes, while Chrome we used to get an error i.e., Err_cache_miss. This usually comes when there is an issue with the cache, or the submitted option is not reaching to the browser. There could be a lot of reasons for this error. Let’s discuss this error in detail and start with an intro.

What is err_cache_miss?

Err_cache_miss is mostly faced by users who are involved in coding or web designers. And the primary reason for this error is that they are doing the wrong coding. This is coming when the browser does not reach to the correct web address, and it is asking for form resubmission again. It is the browser-specific issue and arising because of incorrect settings and configurations, inappropriate extensions, browser cache, etc.

What are the reasons for err_cache_miss?

There could be a lot of reasons for this error, but here we are enlisting the primary and commonly identified causes of this error:

  • Wrong coding
  • If there is an issue with the application user is trying to run.
  • Because of any bug in the browser
  • When a browser is unable to reach the accurate web page
  • Wrong settings and configuration
  • Server error, etc

What are the methods to find err_cache_miss?


1. Check connectivity and reload the page to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

If the error is coming because of lousy connectivity, loose connections, change of network while loading web page, etc. Then, this should be the first quick taken action. Refresh the page by pressing F5 and reload the page to try again.

2. Resubmit form data to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

If the issue may also arise because of the unavailability of performance or lousy internet. Even with this error is a pop-up message coming “confirm form resubmission” so here we have to resubmit the form again and that is happening because the cached content of the form is not available with the browser so that resubmission may work here.

3. Clear cache and cookies to clean browser history to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

If there is any corrupted data in your history, then clearing browser data may help. Follow steps to do so:

  • Open Chrome and go to history
  • Click on clear browsing history given on the left side of the page
  • Check all the boxes and click on clear Data option
  • Now, all your browsing data
  • Open the browser again and check whether the error is resolved or not.

4. Reset Google Chrome to Resolve Error

If this error is coming because of wrong settings or configuration then resetting the Google chrome may help you to fix it:

  • Open control menu and go to the Settings option
  • Scroll down till the end and click on Show Advanced Settings
  • Select Reset Settings
  • Confirm the reset settings
  • Now, restart Chrome to check if the issue is resolved

5. Disable the corrupt extensions to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

Sometimes this issue arises because if one or more so corrupt extensions in the browser which may affect the search result or block it completely. So here we have to check and disable such extensions:

  • Open the Control menu of Chrome and
  • Select More tab and go to the Tools option to get Extensions
  • Click on Extension to open the list of all the extensions
  • Disable the ad blocking extensions and toolbars and recheck the browser to see if the problem is resolved.
  • If not resolver, then try disabling the other extensions as well if the error is coming because of corrupt Extension it will resolve as soon as you will find and disable the corrupt Extension

6. Remove adware and spam’s from system to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

  • Uninstallation of toolbars and adware may help you to get rid of this issue:
  • Open Run and type “appwiz.cpl” and press the Enter button
  • It will open “Uninstall a program” window
  • Select all the recently installed program and click on Uninstall option
  • Now, restart the system again to check the issue is resolved or not.

7. Use bookmarks to access webpage to resolve Error

When the bookmark URL is not available, Then Chrome use to overwrite the cache with the new unavailable response, which results err_cache_miss. And if the issue is coming because of the same reason the then it is suggested to copy the URL from bookmarks and open in Chrome directly from the address box. If the issue resolves, the site owner might have redirected the URL to a new page. Also, replace the previously marked bookmark with the new one.

8. Disable the web browser to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

  • go to the chrome icon, right-click and select Properties
  • add “disable-prompt-on-repost” in the target field
  • “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe”


  • Now, close the Chrome and re-open to see if the issue is resolved.

9. Clear cache and cookies to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

  • Press Control + Shift+Delete in windows and Command+shift+delete in Mac Chrome to clear browsing history
  • Open Basic tab and select date and time and tick all the caches and cookies
  • Click on Clear data button to delete the history
  • Restart browser to check whether the webpage or website is now accessible or not

10. Reset Network settings to resolve Error

  • Press Windows key + X key together to open a context menu on the left side above the start button
  • Right-click on command prompt and select “Run as administer.”
  • Type the following line in command prompt to give the command to flush DNS
  • Ipconfig/release
  • Ipconfig/all
  • Ipconfig/flushdns
  • Ipconfig/renew
  • Netsh int ip set DNS
  • Netsh/Winsock reset
  • Now, reboot the computer. The above command will flush the DNS and reset the network settings and check if the issue resolved or not.

11. Use the Developer Tools to resolve Err_Cache_Miss

You can also disable the cache by using the Developer tools as well. Follow steps to do so:

  • Open Google chrome
  • Co to the “View then Developer after that Developer Tools” or right-click and choose to Inspect option to open Developer Tolls
  • Press Control+Shift+I and press F1 key, chrome developer tools will be open
  • Now, go to the Preferences and select Disable cache (while DevTools is open) in Network Check this item and apply those settings
  • Refresh the page and check if previously seen entries in Network tab is vanish or not
  • Try loading the same page again and check if the error is resolved or not.

If you have tried with all the above remedies and still the problem is not resolved, then the last thing you can try is to switch off and on the router plug out the power cable and plug-in again to clean the temporary issues of err_cache_miss. And if that too is not working, then contact Google support team or any tech professional to take help.



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