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Best Printer Software you Can Use

Having an advanced printer is great, but it is also necessary to have properly functional software/applications that run on it. If you have been using a computer or a phone, you may be in need of proper software that can be compatible with your printer. With the rapid advancement in technology, things have become very easy. Now you can easily get everything printed with your mobile. There are several printing companies which have released printing apps for the convenience of printer users.

Epson print

epson printer software

Epson is one of the biggest giants in the printing industry. Epson, with time, has introduced a printing application too. This is compatible for Android mobiles. It allows you to scan, print and share the documents by swiping. It is mostly compatible with Word and Excel files. Also, this software is completely free which makes the application extremely famous among people.

With the help of Epson print app, you can easily access the document from various cloud services. You can easily configure and customize the documents. You can adjust the page size, a number of copies, ranges and so on. The application also allows the option of color correction. You have the option to print with or without borders.

Print Jinni

printjinni software

One of the most significant advantages of using PrintJinni is that it is compatible with more than 1000 inkjet and laser printers. This printing software supports printers of all brands. If you are getting anything printed, you might as well check for its accuracy. Also, you are sure to get high-quality prints. This application allows you to print photos from your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Also, you are enabled to print the contents from your email. The printing app allows having access to the cloud services in order to get the documents printed. One of the key features of using is that it allows multiple options for printing. These may include duplex printing, color printing, black, white printing and so on.

HP All-in-one

hp all in one software

HP is yet another printing giant. This is the best option for HP users. It allows you to share various documents and print them. It allows keeping a check upon your print documents. You can download all your documents by directly connecting it to Wi-Fi. However, before getting all your documents printed, you should keep a check on the settings. You should also ensure to keep a check upon the maintenance settings as well.

Canon Print

canon pinter software

However, Canon may not prove to be compatible with all the devices. It is necessary to activate the Canon Print Service in order to use the service. After clicking on the installation icon, you need to tap and activate the service. You can enjoy unique services offered by Canon Print after activating it. It allows both side printing, unlike most other applications.


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