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Bemilo.com: Children’s Social Network with Great Safety

Not only Moms and Dads, but the recent trend of tempting smartphones also makes their little ones being addicted to mobile phone usage! According to one potential research; today 85% of 7 to 16 years old children own a mobile phone. It is a surprising fact. You should keep in mind that, the more your children use mobiles the more there are chances of mobile abuse, and it would become troublesome at some particular level. You cannot directly stop your children from doing so be relaxed! Bemilo.com offers the SMART way for you, now onwards, parents can indirectly control their child’s phone by using Bemilo’s mobile network, which is specially designed for children.


Certainly, there are parental controls on every mobile phone to restrict children’s mobile phone use. This one is good, but its settings may be difficult and time-consuming for some of the parents, moreover many parents do not know about its existence. This new mobile service is easy to follow and promising parents to have full control over how their children use their phones. It enables them to know about each and everything that their children do on phones, from the websites they visit the times of day the handset is on.

Multiple entertainment options of a smartphone can easily attract your little ones but they may spoil them. We cannot blame the technology, as it is our responsibility to protect our child from being the victim of bullying and to curb all those abuses that our child can do on mobile phones. Luckily, Bemilo is with us, it makes use of advanced technology to solve the troubles, which are caused by another technology.

Bemilo.com is based on a totally new and unique concept; here it makes use of the SIM instead of an app to protect children from mobile phone bullying. As per the UK’s Family and Parenting Institute, a child can easily switch the service off while using an application system. This SIM is just like ordinary SIM, but it enables parents to control in the context of safety. You might be glad to know that the SIM of the Bemilo system runs on software that is powered by Vodafone’s servers. Vodafone UK would be truly a big deal for Bemilo system users.

Once parents have signed up to Bemilo and started using the SIM, they can access their child’s phone indirectly for 24 hours a day by using a smartphone or computer. For the sake of user’s better convenience, Bemilo provides this SIM-based offering so that the service can be accessible to multiple handsets. Thus, there is no way for children to escape from their parents.

Parents get FULL control over the mobile usage of their children, here full means they can even set the operating times of the phone. This special feature works great for parents whose children are sleep deprived as parents can indirectly stop them from texting or accessing the web very late at night. Sadly, 40% of children from 8 to 16 who own a mobile phone are sleep deprived, but now parents can have peaceful sleep as Bemilo offers them great solution for such a dangerous situation.

For this, parents need to set the perfect operating time for their child’s phone. For instance, parents should switch off the phone during school hours and sleeping hours; this can be done so remotely from Bemilo.com on their computer. Of course, almost all the functions on the child’s phone can be disabled, but this should be managed in such a way that the child is able to contact them.

Moreover, Bemilo.com helps parents protect their children from facing new pressures, such as mobile phone bullying. According to a survey of 2,000 parents, 25% have been subjected to mobile phone bullying that is the most concerned point. Under 16, age is prone to be affected by bullying and many unwanted things. The UK based NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) report found that teenage girls were knowingly or unknowingly coming under the increasing pressure to text and email sexually explicit pictures of themselves. This shameful offense can be effectively restricted by the Bemilo safety pack only, as it lets parents allow or disallow certain contacts.

Here, parents can review all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages, control the operating time of day, browsing websites and monthly spending. In a way, parents can keep an eye on all those activities done by their children using the phone.

Of course, the safety pack costs just £3.95 on a per month basis but delivers the highest satisfaction regards to your children’s safety. As well, you can save a little more by preferring a 12-month contract in which you need to pay £2.95 per month. Both packages include calls, SMS and data purchased on a Pay As You Go service. The tariff is available to you in two ways – online through Bemilo and in-store at Car phone Warehouse from 28th May. Overall, it seems that there is nothing wrong if you pay something for getting many things.

Bemilo.com Positive points:

  • Easy to follow
  • Offer parents full control over how their children use their phones
  • Protect child from being victim of bullying and mobile abuse
  • It makes use of the SIM instead of an app
  • SIM of the Bemilo system runs on software powered by Vodafone’s servers
  • Parents can access their child’s phone indirectly for 24 hours a day
  • Its SIM-based offering makes the service available for multiple handsets
  • Parents can control or set the operating time of the phone
  • Parents can switch off the phone any time of the day from the site
  • Almost all the functions on the child’s phone can be disabled
  • Parents can use this service to allow or disallow certain contacts of their child’s phone
  • All incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages can be reviewed by parents
  • Parents can block browsing of inappropriate websites
  • Parents can control monthly spending

Negative points:

  • Users need to pay for using this service


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